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  1. A simple virtual game console

    Forth 381 31 Built by @JohnEarnest @rmmh @adhithyan15 @cpressey @pikhq
  2. Forth inspired programming language for the ESP8266

    Forth 264 30 Built by @zeroflag @link2xt @gpummer @hartzell @GerardSontag
  3. Self-hosting metacompiled Forth, bootstrapping from a few lines of C; targets Linux, Windows, ARM, RISC-V, 68000, PDP-11, asm.js.

    Forth 169 29 Built by @larsbrinkhoff @pipcet @johanlindberg
  4. a tiny self-hosted Forth implementation

    Forth 166 11 Built by @kragen @ap @jaens @larsbrinkhoff
  5. Swapforth is a cross-platform ANS Forth

    Forth 155 29 Built by @jamesbowman @RGD2 @combinatorylogic
  6. A straightforward standalone Forth implementation for x86.

    Forth 81 11 Built by @davazp @baconwaifu
  7. The J1 CPU

    Forth 69 17 Built by @jamesbowman @stacksmith
  8. libforth: A small Forth interpreter that can be used as a library written in c99

    Forth 61 9 Built by @howerj
  9. A simple, indirect-threaded Forth, written in C; for target compiling; runs on Linux, BSD, OSX, and Cygwin

    Forth 60 15 Built by @nimblemachines @rthelen @dgs @larsbrinkhoff
  10. Emacs clone in Forth.

    Forth 58 9 Built by @larsbrinkhoff @pipcet
  11. Modern C64 Forth

    Forth 57 8 Built by @jkotlinski @cminter
  12. Programming Language :r4 but the codegoogle, which is currently closed!, don't admit :r4

    Forth 56 2 Built by @phreda4 @elzibus
  13. Gforth mirror on GitHub (original is on Savannah)

    Forth 49 5 Built by @forthy42 @AntonErtl @GeraldWodni @larsbrinkhoff @earl
  14. Forth 40 37 Built by @M2IHP13-admin @pablooliveira @flx42 @larsbrinkhoff
  15. Forth Lisp Python Continuum: A small highly dynamic self-bootstrapping language

    Forth 36 1 Built by @asrp @paralax
  16. Advanced and very powerful scheduler, scripting tool and automation manager

    Forth 35 6 Built by @VoidVolker @larsbrinkhoff @gitter-badger
  17. A general purpose Forth library

    Forth 31 9 Built by @irdvo
  18. Hierarchical Music Specification Language, Forth tools for experimental music from the 1980's

    Forth 31 5 Built by @andrewcsmith @philburk
  19. Synthesis-Aided Compiler for GreenArrays GA144

    Forth 30 2 Built by @mangpo @mschuldt @rohinmshah @jn80842
  20. Multi-platform desktop Forth based on Tcl/Tk

    Forth 30 4 Built by @wejgaard
  21. Native 32-bit colorForth for PCs, Bochs and Qemu.

    Forth 29 8 Built by @narke @larsbrinkhoff
  22. Mecrisp-Stellaris Forth Plus Extra Goodies

    Forth 28 4 Built by @hexagon5un @zdavkeos
  23. Third, a small Forth compiler for 8086 DOS

    Forth 28 5 Built by @benhoyt @orthographic-pedant
  24. A simple, non-standard, tethered Forth for the Arduino; including several steno keyboard applications, the most recent of which is stenomod16. The same firmware is used by the TinyMod.

    Forth 27 3 Built by @CharleyShattuck
  25. Stack machine with 4-bit instructions

    Forth 27 1 Built by @larsbrinkhoff
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