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  1. OpenBLAS is an optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2 1.13 BSD version.

    Fortran 2,276 643 Built by @xianyi @wernsaar @martin-frbg @hpanderson @wangqian 12 stars this week
  2. The official repository for the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model

    Fortran 36 25 Built by @davegill @dudhia @weiwangncar @jamiebresch @mkavulich 5 stars this week
  3. Main repository for the NREL-supported OpenFAST whole-turbine simulation code. We are establishing documentation at

    Fortran 51 67 Built by @bjonkman @rafmudaf @michaelasprague @MarshallBuhl @gantech
  4. Space Science library for Python - contains superposed epoch classes, drift shell tracing, access to magnetic field models, streamline tracing, bootstrap confidence limits, time and coordinate conversions, etc.

    Fortran 22 10 Built by @jnlanl @drsteve @spacecataz @jhaiduce @jtniehof
  5. A high-order finite-difference code for compressible hydrodynamic flows with magnetic fields and particles

    Fortran 55 37 Built by @AxelBrandenburg @ajohan @wdobler @PABourdin @bingert
  6. A simple exoplanet transit modeling tool in python

    Fortran 41 20 Built by @mrtommyb @exowanderer @sainap @skgrunblatt
  7. PyMC: Bayesian Stochastic Modelling in Python (for PyMC3:

    Fortran 749 201 Built by @fonnesbeck @apatil @jsalvatier @takluyver @twiecki
  8. 🚀 High Performance Linear Algebra (low level)

    Fortran 568 102 Built by @fommil @mtbrandy @grimreaper @yuqilinaro
  9. Testing a Fortran MVC web platform

    Fortran 459 22 Built by @mapmeld @branning
  10. LAPACK development repository

    Fortran 324 121 Built by @julielangou @langou @turboencabulator @echeresh @thielema
  11. Official git repository of Elmer FEM software

    Fortran 227 94 Built by @raback @juhanikataja @ettaka @juharu @mmalinen
  12. Functional programming for modern Fortran

    Fortran 186 14 Built by @milancurcic
  13. Fire Dynamics Simulator

    Fortran 164 247 Built by @gforney @rmcdermo @mcgratta @drjfloyd @koverholt
  14. Algorithms for factorisation of large numbers in Fortran and UBASIC

    Fortran 151 9 Built by @daoudclarke
  15. High-performance object-based library for DLA computations

    Fortran 142 45 Built by @fgvanzee @iotamudelta @figual @kyungjoo-kim @nicholas-moreles
  16. Collection of personal scientific routines in Fortran 📖

    Fortran 138 46 Built by @astrofrog
  17. A Fortran 2008 JSON API

    Fortran 136 32 Built by @jacobwilliams @zbeekman @kmanalo @foeroyingur
  18. A python port of the glmnet package for fitting generalized linear models via penalized maximum likelihood.

    Fortran 133 32 Built by @wlattner @stephen-hoover @eli-goodfriend @kcrum @VictorRodriguez
  19. trying to collect all useful tutorials for famous C math and algebra libraries such as CBLAS, CLAPACK, GSL...

    Fortran 128 24 Built by @Foadsf
  20. Fluidity

    Fortran 119 57 Built by @stephankramer @funsim @cianwilson @tmbgreaves @AlexandrosAvdis
  21. Community Data Analysis Tools

    Fortran 115 56 Built by @doutriaux1 @ThomasMaxwell @aashish24 @durack1 @sankhesh
  22. Fortran 95 GTK+ Interface Modules

    Fortran 113 33 Built by @jtappin @vmagnin @arfon
  23. Fortran 108 94 Built by @jasonduley
  24. Home of the Nek5000 source code

    Fortran 100 107 Built by @stgeke @fischer1 @RonRahaman @hackljf @klheisey
  25. Mirror of the Quantum ESPRESSO repository

    Fortran 99 42 Built by @giannozz @sponce24 @ye-luo @paulatz @pietrodelugas
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