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  1. Learn to create turn-based combat with this Open Source RPG demo ⚔

    GDScript 236 26 Built by @NathanLovato @guilhermehto @nhydock @godofgrunts @salvob41 6 stars today
  2. Indie Turn Based Strategy in Isometric Pixel Art

    GDScript 561 82 Built by @w84death @WermooZ @Poussinou @czlowiekimadlo @wchojnacki
  3. Demonstration and Template Projects

    GDScript 529 290 Built by @reduz @akien-mga @hurikhan @NathanLovato @TwistedTwigleg
  4. A Github Game Off Jam Entry

    GDScript 429 52 Built by @securas @akien-mga @leereilly
  5. Source files for the 30 days free tutorials challenge as part of the Make Professional 2d Games with Godot Kickstarter

    GDScript 396 134 Built by @NathanLovato @guilhermehto @LikeLakers2 @davcri @akien-mga
  6. A-RPG demo made with Godot, MIT-licensed, from our Godot course

    GDScript 273 31 Built by @NathanLovato @taylorjoshuaw @henriiquecampos @davcri @samgreen
  7. Point & click adventure game framework for Godot Engine

    GDScript 246 42 Built by @fleskesvor @StraToN @mjtorn @akien-mga @santouits
  8. Create beautiful and translatable presentations with the Godot game engine, using drag-and-drop!

    GDScript 230 45 Built by @NathanLovato @antoniotorresm @henriiquecampos @EnricoMonese @davcri
  9. Plugin for Godot Engine to import Tiled Map Editor tilemaps and tilesets

    GDScript 219 35 Built by @vnen @radicaled @SleepProgger @olsonjeffery @jonathlela
  10. Godot Unit Test. Unit testing tool for Godot Game Engine.

    GDScript 185 12 Built by @bitwes @cmfcmf @Xrayez @caryoscelus @Calinou
  11. Indie 2D Game for Godot Engine

    GDScript 133 20 Built by @Jbat1Jumper @lstep @samurailink3 @Qwertie-
  12. Third Person Shooter with high quality assets and lighting

    GDScript 130 19 Built by @reduz @akien-mga @Calinou
  13. A game by Jan Marcano and James T. Uses Godot 2.1

    GDScript 123 24 Built by @janmarcano
  14. HeightMap terrain for Godot implemented in GDScript

    GDScript 119 8 Built by @Zylann @brylie
  15. A simple Text Interface Engine to control text output (like in a RPG dialogue) for Godot.

    GDScript 116 16 Built by @henriquelalves @dalton5000 @radicaled
  16. Bomberman clone using the awesome open source Godot game engine

    GDScript 109 18 Built by @akien-mga @deliciousfudge @her001 @Hinsbart
  17. A GPU-accelerated texture painter written in Godot 3.0

    GDScript 106 8 Built by @Bauxitedev @karroffel
  18. A stylized procedural planet generator written in Godot 3.0.

    GDScript 97 9 Built by @Bauxitedev
  19. Cute puzzle platformer starring a cleaning robot on post-apocalyptic Earth

    GDScript 95 30 Built by @bojidar-bg @alketii @fry- @akien-mga @ObaniGemini
  20. Meteorite is a lowres metroidvania FPS, inspired by Metroid Prime, made for LOWREZJAM 2018.

    GDScript 88 6 Built by @Bauxitedev
  21. An addon that brings jigglebones to Godot Engine 3.0.

    GDScript 84 6 Built by @Bauxitedev
  22. Stuff to use with Godot Engine

    GDScript 80 9 Built by @Kermer @scorsi
  23. A plugin for the Godot Game Engine, capable of generating simple meshes for your game

    GDScript 80 14
  24. 3D Terrain plugin for Godot Engine

    GDScript 73 14 Built by @Zylann
  25. GDScript function set generating noise (value noise, perlin noise, opensimplex(2d, 3d and 4d)...).

    GDScript 68 15 Built by @perdugames @shackra
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