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  1. Third Person Shooter with high quality assets and lighting

    GDScript 111 13 Built by @reduz @akien-mga @Calinou 111 stars this month
  2. Create beautiful and translatable presentations with the Godot game engine, using drag-and-drop!

    GDScript 191 43 Built by @NathanLovato @antoniotorresm @henriiquecampos @EnricoMonese @davcri 106 stars this month
  3. Demonstration and Template Projects

    GDScript 487 268 Built by @reduz @akien-mga @hurikhan @NathanLovato @TwistedTwigleg 34 stars this month
  4. Fully open source project from the Make Professional 2D Games with Godot course

    GDScript 37 5 Built by @NathanLovato @henriiquecampos @davcri 37 stars this month
  5. Source files for the 30 days free tutorials challenge as part of the Make Professional 2d Games with Godot Kickstarter

    GDScript 355 115 Built by @NathanLovato @guilhermehto @LikeLakers2 @davcri @akien-mga 23 stars this month
  6. Voxel to Pixel Art Animator/Renderer inside Godot

    GDScript 27 1 Built by @mishapsi 15 stars this month
  7. Point & click adventure game framework for Godot Engine

    GDScript 222 34 Built by @fleskesvor @StraToN @mjtorn @akien-mga @santouits 14 stars this month
  8. A procedural textures addon for Godot

    GDScript 42 3 Built by @RodZill4 @TeddyDD 9 stars this month
  9. Indie Turn Based Strategy in Isometric Pixel Art

    GDScript 525 77 Built by @w84death @WermooZ @Poussinou @czlowiekimadlo @wchojnacki
  10. A Github Game Off Jam Entry

    GDScript 403 51 Built by @securas @akien-mga @leereilly
  11. Plugin for Godot Engine to import Tiled Map Editor tilemaps and tilesets

    GDScript 204 32 Built by @vnen @radicaled @SleepProgger @olsonjeffery @jonathlela
  12. Godot Unit Test. Unit testing tool for Godot Game Engine.

    GDScript 159 11 Built by @bitwes @cmfcmf @Xrayez @caryoscelus @Calinou
  13. Indie 2D Game for Godot Engine

    GDScript 129 19 Built by @dvarrui @Jbat1Jumper @lstep @samurailink3 @Qwertie-
  14. A game by Jan Marcano and James T. Uses Godot 2.1

    GDScript 122 21 Built by @janmarcano
  15. A simple Text Interface Engine to control text output (like in a RPG dialogue) for Godot.

    GDScript 112 14 Built by @henriquelalves @dalton5000 @radicaled
  16. A GPU-accelerated texture painter written in Godot 3.0

    GDScript 103 8 Built by @Bauxitedev @karroffel
  17. HeightMap terrain for Godot implemented in GDScript

    GDScript 101 7 Built by @Zylann @brylie
  18. Bomberman clone using the awesome open source Godot game engine

    GDScript 100 17 Built by @akien-mga @deliciousfudge @her001 @Hinsbart
  19. Cute puzzle platformer starring a cleaning robot on post-apocalyptic Earth

    GDScript 93 29 Built by @bojidar-bg @alketii @fry- @akien-mga @ObaniGemini
  20. A stylized procedural planet generator written in Godot 3.0.

    GDScript 93 7 Built by @Bauxitedev
  21. An addon that brings jigglebones to Godot Engine 3.0.

    GDScript 81 5 Built by @Bauxitedev
  22. A plugin for the Godot Game Engine, capable of generating simple meshes for your game

    GDScript 80 13
  23. Stuff to use with Godot Engine

    GDScript 77 7 Built by @Kermer
  24. Meteorite is a lowres metroidvania FPS, inspired by Metroid Prime, made for LOWREZJAM 2018.

    GDScript 73 4 Built by @Bauxitedev
  25. 3D Terrain plugin for Godot Engine

    GDScript 71 14 Built by @Zylann
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