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  1. A Gtk.ProgressBar example in Genie

    Genie 1
  2. inspired by libGDX, but wraps SDL2 rather than OpenGL

    Genie 1 Built by @darkoverlordofdata
  3. Omega Chess, written in Genie. Project to learn Genie, Vala.

    Genie 1 Built by @vlad1777d
  4. Lightweight ecs engine

    Genie Built by @darkoverlordofdata
  5. genie game library

    Genie Built by @darkoverlordofdata
  6. Dubdub is weird

    Genie Built by @vrystater @walterweder @JohannWeder
  7. AgenDie es una agenda de contactos. AgenDie is an address book.

    Genie Built by @Webierta
  8. Statistics Calculator

    Genie Built by @Webierta
  9. A compression utility based on Brotli algorithm

    Genie Built by @matijaskala
  10. clone of the vala examples from and plus alpha.

    Genie Built by @kuri65536
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