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  1. Step-by-step guide through the abstract and complex universe of Fragment Shaders.

    GLSL 1,812 224 Built by @patriciogonzalezvivo @kynd @yvan-sraka @nicoptere @sergeyext
  2. CC0-licensed asset packs for your games

    GLSL 509 124 Built by @elisee @Metylene
  3. Fragmentarium is a cross-platform application for exploring pixel based graphics on the GPU.

    GLSL 444 49 Built by @Syntopia @rectalogic @claudeha @al13n321 @robmoggach
  4. KodeLife shader sketches I wrote while commuting

    GLSL 409 41 Built by @keijiro
  5. some shaders for cocos creator

  6. glTF Sample Models

    GLSL 391 177 Built by @emackey @pjcozzi @bghgary @lexaknyazev @lasalvavida
  7. ✏️ Test some NPR in Unity.

    GLSL 364 88 Built by @candycat1992
  8. Research on sampling methods for real-time volume rendering

    GLSL 341 42 Built by @huwb @wangningbeinjust
  9. glsl photoshop blending modes. glslify formatted.

    GLSL 321 33 Built by @jamieowen
  10. An open source screen space reflections implementation for Unity3D 5.

    GLSL 313 84 Built by @kode80 @jessyoblio @astrand130
  11. Low poly water with edge/shore blend. Similar to the awesome water in Monument Valley.

    GLSL 311 61 Built by @danielzeller
  12. Shader that "emulates" the rendering style of ps1

    GLSL 304 27 Built by @dsoft20
  13. GLSL 297 46 Built by @ClusterM @pcm720 @missionfloyd @romracer @kaosushijin
  14. The open collection of GL Transitions

    GLSL 294 38 Built by @gre @jnelson180 @fskuteken @gunrot @Rich-Harris
  15. Renders sky colors with Rayleigh and Mie scattering.

    GLSL 283 25 Built by @wwwtyro @miyu
  16. Convert ShaderToy to Unity HLSL/CG

    GLSL 267 37 Built by @smkplus
  17. EffectOnLine

    GLSL 254 102 Built by @colin3dmax @metoo5566 @pepsigit
  18. A library of fragment shaders you can use in any SpriteKit project.

    GLSL 214 11 Built by @twostraws @Lofionic
  19. A tool to fingerprint SSL/TLS servers

    GLSL 212 30 Built by @tomato42 @richmoore @azet @mattfoster @danimo
  20. some shaders for unity,such as Post processing,brdf,rendering and so on

    GLSL 177 102 Built by @wolf96
  21. This repo is for glsl shaders converted by hand from libretro's common-shaders repo, since some don't play nicely with the cg2glsl script.

    GLSL 176 52 Built by @hunterk @hizzlekizzle @Monroe88 @twinaphex @MMJuno
  22. Sample project showing third person camera behavior and Mecanim animations

    GLSL 162 182 Built by @jm991
  23. Interior mapping shader for Unity with a sample scene. This is provided as is, for learning purpose. You can use it freely for your personnal or commercial projects

    GLSL 158 10 Built by @Gaxil
  24. Live Code Graphics via GLSL Fragment Shaders

    GLSL 155 8 Built by @rezaali
  25. 🎮 Retrogaming kodi add-on repository for LibreELEC

    GLSL 153 24 Built by @bite-your-idols @BrokenCommander @drrak @garbear @z24
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