See what the GitHub community is most excited about this week.

  1. PSLab Hardware Design and Schematics

    Gnuplot 707 20 Built by @CloudyPadmal @jithinbp @mariobehling @cweitat @wavicles 43 stars this week
  2. An Objective-C library of data structures, such as deque, heap, linked list, queue, stack, and tree.

    Gnuplot 369 76 Built by @quinntaylor @mbauman @mpurland @martijnthe @michaelpetrov
  3. ColorBrewer color schemes for gnuplot

    Gnuplot 146 38 Built by @aschn @hagenw
  4. The object-oriented HPC platform for CFD, plasma and multi-physics simulations whose development started in 2002 at the Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics is finally open!

    Gnuplot 81 36 Built by @andrealani @RayVandenhoeck @aalvarezlaguna @MilheiroSantos @ymaneva
  5. Data repository for my blog series on microprocessor trend data.

    Gnuplot 61 5 Built by @karlrupp
  6. A parallel, extensible finite element code to simulate convection in both 2D and 3D models.

    Gnuplot 54 106 Built by @bangerth @tjhei @gassmoeller @jdannberg @MFraters
  7. SmartSupply is a digital battery powered lab powersupply. It is Arduino compatible and can be controlled via PC over USB.

    Gnuplot 44 11 Built by @ThomasVDD
  8. My EC2 scripts

    Gnuplot 28 5 Built by @agentzh
  9. Portable radiation detector based on an ionization chamber

    Gnuplot 27 1 Built by @CarlosGS
  10. GNUPlot Examples

    Gnuplot 25 5 Built by @TheFox
  11. Julia Library for Interatomic Potentials

    Gnuplot 24 6 Built by @cortner @jameskermode @FloraPoon @lifelemons @tkelman
  12. Data repository supplementing my blog post comparing hardware characteristics of CPUs, GPUs, and MICs

    Gnuplot 19 5 Built by @AndiH @karlrupp @asford
  13. The Ferret program from NOAA/PMEL

    Gnuplot 15 3 Built by @AnsleyManke @karlmsmith @karlmattsmith @MaPaw
  14. Test cases for SU2

    Gnuplot 15 74 Built by @economon @hlkline @salvovitale @btracey @aerialhedgehog
  15. Gnuplot 14 10 Built by @hhuangwx @wqshen
  16. Electrical design files developed in Eagle.

    Gnuplot 12 4 Built by @jakerye @Poitrast @tsavas
  17. libpoppler bindings for Racket

    Gnuplot 12 16 Built by @gcr @LeifAndersen @samth
  18. memory-efficient Erlang data structures to store distributions of larges sets of data

    Gnuplot 12 3 Built by @odo @jemc
  19. gnuplot code for the single blog entries

    Gnuplot 11 2 Built by @hagenw
  20. Gnuplot 10 4 Built by @tsavas @Poitrast
  21. gnuplot code for the entries under "gnuplot basics"

    Gnuplot 9 1 Built by @hagenw
  22. My defaults for gnuplot

    Gnuplot 9 2 Built by @hesstobi
  23. Memory-Hierarchy Understanding Tools

    Gnuplot 9 1 Built by @ob
  24. Automatically exported from

    Gnuplot 8 4 Built by @perabrahamsen @stathi02
  25. Fun with branch (mis-)prediction

    Gnuplot 8 Built by @lorenzhs
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