See what the GitHub community is most excited about this week.

  1. Horus Heresy

    Gosu 31 29 Built by @zopha @capitaladot @alphalas @Millicant @Mayegelt
  2. The Gosu programming language

    Gosu 272 58 Built by @rsmckinney @lboasso @DPUkyle @vicky17d @dumitru-petrusca
  3. Sample code for Google Apps Script.

    Gosu 197 113 Built by @entaq @ayyar @radef
  4. Warhammer 40,000: 7th Edition

    Gosu 165 290 Built by @Thairne @GenWilhelm @amis92 @Kangodo @FarseerVeraenthis
  5. Warhammer 40,000

    Gosu 116 111 Built by @CrusherJoe @GenWilhelm @Mad-Spy @FarseerVeraenthis @alphalas
  6. A Google Spreadsheet designed to receive Fluentd event logs and display charts from them.

  7. An app script that will label your email from where in the world it was sent from

    Gosu 46 6 Built by @benjojo
  8. Keep email out of your inbox when you're not at work.

    Gosu 42 11 Built by @mjjohnson
  9. Mixpanel Segmentation Data Export script for report automation into Google Spreadsheets

    Gosu 41 32 Built by @melissaguyre
  10. Ronin web framework

    Gosu 33 10 Built by @kprevas @bchang @akeefer-guidewire @coryfoo @lboasso
  11. Altcoin price tracker into a google spreadsheet. Scraping data from

    Gosu 31 13 Built by @adv0r
  12. Google Apps Script to copy folders in Google Drive

    Gosu 25 5 Built by @andrewcrouch
  13. A flexible, easy to use document merge tool that enables conditional creation of PDF, Shared Doc and email file attachment from spreadsheet or form data.

    Gosu 25 17 Built by @astillman @TimCargan @dscaramellino
  14. Warhammer Fantasy

    Gosu 23 35 Built by @Maetco @StealthKnightSteg @andreagrax @BSDataAnon @OftKilted
  15. Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

    Gosu 22 34 Built by @OftKilted @tekton @rweyrauch @flakpanda @ResidentSteve
  16. Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team (2018)

    Gosu 19 8 Built by @Mad-Spy @GenWilhelm @teage-like-league @amis92 @chrisphanson
  17. Google Apps Script library - interprets Google Sheets Formats, converts to formatted text or html

    Gosu 17 7 Built by @mogsdad
  18. ローカルのCSVファイルを、google spreadsheetの特定のシートにインポートする(google apps script)

    Gosu 16 3 Built by @prog-mitsu
  19. Uploads a Google Sheet to a github repository as geojson whenever the spreadsheet is updated

    Gosu 15 3 Built by @gmaclennan
  20. A simple script for accessing and downloading your Fitbit data in Google Spreadsheets.

    Gosu 15 7 Built by @erramirez
  21. Utilities for using Parse with Google Apps Script.

    Gosu 15 5 Built by @adelevie
  22. A library for connecting from Google Apps Scripts to Google APIs using OAuth2 and a Service Account

    Gosu 13 3 Built by @tmcoma
  23. Warhammer 40,000: Heralds of Ruin 8th Edition

    Gosu 13 27 Built by @azdiscord @new-neon @beckian @GenWilhelm @DreadPirateLynx
  24. Google Apps Script (GAS) file that handles file uploads. This functionality does not natively appear as part of a Google form.

    Gosu 13 7 Built by @drewdepriest
  25. Magic Ticket is a Google Apps Script that connects a Google Spreadsheet with a Zendesk instance. This aims to help manage date-related deadlines with Zendesk’s ticketing system.

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