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  1. Boilerplate meteor app - starting point for meteor apps

    Handlebars 914 199 Built by @nickw @hellogerard @rgoomar @ryw @queso
  2. Simple portfolio theme for Ghost

    Handlebars 128 45 Built by @dziudek @syhily
  3. ⚡️ multi room chat app demo, powered by

    Handlebars 88 40 Built by @wuyanxin
  4. Simple restaurant blog theme for Ghost

    Handlebars 73 31 Built by @dziudek
  5. FauxGhost Ghost blog theme

    Handlebars 52 25 Built by @jimbobbennett @kevinjalbert @nmattia
  6. Handlebars 49 21 Built by @lacke @JDiPierro @etoccalino @jguerin @purejava
  7. A revamped yuidoc theme with bootstrap

    Handlebars 45 26 Built by @tonybaroneee @kevinlacotaco @wyantb @jnfingerle @lfryc
  8. Create Apps with Node.JS + Express 4 and Handlebars.js

    Handlebars 34 5 Built by @pinceladasdaweb @renanmpimentel @wbruno
  9. READONLY: The Project-Setup for nikita.kit (please contribute to instead!)

    Handlebars 31 9 Built by @rastersysteme @DracoBlue
  10. chinese materializecss

    Handlebars 30 11 Built by @p412726700
  11. A Ghost theme focused on content based on Medium design/ux

    Handlebars 28 417 Built by @oswaldoacauan @stevelacey @digitaljhelms @yangpro @subho007
  12. Simple responsive theme for Ghost

    Handlebars 27 16 Built by @semeano @jjokela
  13. Agario Extended community website

    Handlebars 19 28 Built by @AntuanKhanna
  14. A basic theme for the Ghost blogging platform

    Handlebars 19 2 Built by @zyamada
  15. Boilerplate meteor app - starting point for meteor apps, using Flow Router and Blaze Layout

    Handlebars 16 199 Built by @nickw @hellogerard @rgoomar @ryw @queso
  16. A fast, Markdown based boilerplate for putting together Reveal.js decks.

    Handlebars 15 5 Built by @mbleigh
  17. Ember.js-powered front end website for Free Music Ninja

    Handlebars 15 3 Built by @treyhunner @macro1 @hbrysiewicz @stevepeak @gitter-badger
  18. An Ember addon for SVG loading components.

    Handlebars 14 6 Built by @johno @chandlerkent @cesarizu @kategengler
  19. 多种跨域通信示例

    Handlebars 12 1 Built by @superlin
  20. Ghost empty theme hooked with grunt, less, an other goodies

    Handlebars 12 1 Built by @Muffles
  21. A bootstrap theme for Ghost

    Handlebars 12 1 Built by @Zazama
  22. simple web profiles daemon in node.js

    Handlebars 10 Built by @elf-pavlik
  23. Loom origin for creating frontend javascript libraries

    Handlebars 9 1 Built by @mr-mig @sudodoki
  24. A starter theme for Ghost using Sass and Grunt

    Handlebars 9 1 Built by @ascott1
  25. Handlebars 8 2 Built by @Ajaxsoap
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