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  1. use terraform, deploy yourself a pcf

    HCL 56 58 Built by @genevieve @cdutra @davewalter @zachgersh @aditya87
  2. Course files for my Udemy course about Terraform

    HCL 314 561 Built by @wardviaene @kewalaka
  3. A set of Terraform modules for configuring production infrastructure with AWS

    HCL 1,818 369 Built by @achille-roussel @backnight @tysonmote @yields @calvinfo
  4. HCL 1,278 398 Built by @bensojona @clstokes @rcgenova @mootpt @KFishner
  5. Minimal and free Kubernetes distribution

    HCL 770 175 Built by @dghubble @barakmich @pms1969 @sendhil @justaugustus
  6. Terraform module for creating Kubernetes cluster running on Container Linux by CoreOS in an AWS VPC

    HCL 724 167 Built by @wellsie @mirthy @yagonobre @nkhine @unguiculus
  7. Install a Kubernetes cluster the CoreOS Tectonic Way: HA, self-hosted, RBAC, etcd Operator, and more

    HCL 564 297 Built by @ggreer @squat @kyoto @Quentin-M @alexsomesan
  8. Code samples for the book "Terraform: Up & Running" by Yevgeniy Brikman

    HCL 534 284 Built by @brikis98
  9. Terraform module which creates VPC resources on AWS

    HCL 433 357 Built by @antonbabenko @lorengordon @miguelaferreira @sc250024 @bcenker
  10. AWS ECS terraform module

    HCL 408 159 Built by @arminc @jschulenklopper @matisku
  11. Automate creating resilient, disposable, secure and agile infrastructure for Red Teams.

    HCL 391 95 Built by @byt3bl33d3r @af001 @jaredhaight @mubix
  12. Sample code for the talk "Infrastructure-as-code: running microservices on AWS with Docker, ECS, and Terraform"

    HCL 364 89 Built by @brikis98 @josh-padnick @pgilad @jonatanblue @alexwal
  13. 📋 🌊 🌎 Setup a simple Kubernetes cluster in Digital Ocean using Terraform

    HCL 305 80 Built by @5tefan @bhcleek @hermanjunge @Mosho1 @andrewsykim
  14. Rhino Security Labs' "Vulnerable by Design" AWS infrastructure setup tool

    HCL 279 36 Built by @SpenGietz @dickensja @rhino-xander @benjamincaudill
  15. A Terraform module to create an Elastic Kubernetes (EKS) cluster and associated worker instances on AWS.

    HCL 231 135 Built by @brandoconnor @max-rocket-internet @jimbeck @laverya @ozbillwang
  16. Terraform Best Practices for AWS users

    HCL 228 34 Built by @ozbillwang @bill-newsnow @williamsbdev
  17. Deploy Kubernetes. Now!

    HCL 221 32 Built by @andersla @mcapuccini @carmat88 @jonandernovella @jbygdell
  18. A Terraform Module for how to run Vault on AWS using Terraform and Packer

    HCL 220 129 Built by @brikis98 @Etiene @josh-padnick @gruntwork-ci @efxcia-jenkins
  19. HCL 213 192 Built by @antonbabenko @phinze @willejs @laurentr @yzguy
  20. Deploy a Lambda to Ping a Site in 20 Seconds!

    HCL 201 9 Built by @frankcash
  21. Example usage of HashiCorp Terraform

    HCL 191 131 Built by @rberlind @bensojona @grove-mountain @FraserPol @kawsark
  22. Convert JSON to HCL, and vice versa

    HCL 191 20 Built by @kvz @Acconut
  23. Instructions and Code required to install IBM Cloud Private

    HCL 188 140 Built by @tpouyer @paulczar @mchasal @berenss @patrickmryan
  24. Run @hashicorp Vault on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) with Terraform

    HCL 179 62 Built by @sethvargo @bgeesaman @scarolan
  25. Collection of examples for using Terraform with Google Cloud Platform.

    HCL 167 50 Built by @danisla @madmod @ptone @snebel29
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