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  1. ⚙️ NGiИX config generator generator on steroids 💉

    HTML 1,195 70 Built by @valentinxxx @selivan @Grafikart 221 stars today
  2. Repository to track the progress in Natural Language Processing (NLP), including the datasets and the current state-of-the-art for the most common NLP tasks.

    HTML 7,199 1,033 Built by @sebastianruder @stared @svjan5 @ramadistra @yuvalpinter 99 stars today
  3. Flask app : extracts palette of dominating colors from image.

    HTML 68 1 Built by @makkoncept 62 stars today
  4. Hello - Video chat that works in most major desktop & mobile browsers.

    HTML 196 27 Built by @vasanthv @Panthaaaa @PatrM 19 stars today
  5. BabySploit Beginner Pentesting Framework Written in Python

    HTML 80 15 Built by @M4cs @Koajakins 17 stars today
  6. OpenAPI Generator allows generation of API client libraries (SDK generation), server stubs, documentation and configuration automatically given an OpenAPI Spec (v2, v3)

    HTML 1,105 317 Built by @wing328 @fehguy @xhh @jmini @geekerzp 15 stars today
  7. This repo is for demonstration purposes only.

    HTML 10,072 101,339 Built by @octocat
  8. Open Source Vulnerability Assessment and Management helps developers and pentesters to perform scans and manage vulnerabilities.

    HTML 817 193 Built by @anandtiwarics @httpdss @faichelbaum @lyoko17220 @A888R 15 stars today
  9. Official React bindings for Redux

    HTML 14,589 2,304 Built by @gaearon @jimbolla @timdorr @markerikson @gnoff 12 stars today
  10. swagger-codegen contains a template-driven engine to generate documentation, API clients and server stubs in different languages by parsing your OpenAPI / Swagger definition.

    HTML 8,066 4,075 Built by @wing328 @fehguy @xhh @geekerzp @ralphdoe 10 stars today
  11. Azure Blockchain Content and Samples

    HTML 189 194 Built by @mmercuri @brendalee @ali92hm @keikumata @dend 11 stars today
  12. UI Components for Angular

    HTML 4,723 2,153 Built by @cagataycivici @Mrtcndkn @yigitfindikli @Merve7 @sudheerj 10 stars today
  13. 大前端分享会公开演示文稿

    HTML 250 93 Built by @Yuanbin-xavier @yusphy45 @chunyi1994 @keepsilentw @lmk123 10 stars today
  14. Solid - Re-decentralizing the web (project directory)

    HTML 6,364 261 Built by @dmitrizagidulin @nicola @deiu @csarven @RubenVerborgh 9 stars today
  15. The most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world. Quickly create prototypes and production code for sites that work on any kind of device.

    HTML 27,794 5,823 Built by @zurbchris @gakimball @mrsweaters @kball @mhayes 9 stars today

    HTML 4,027 1,560 Built by @fengdu78 @cswef @gceboh 6 stars today
  17. BY Blog ->

    HTML 820 3,003 Built by @qiubaiying 5 stars today
  18. Simple management UI for Docker

    HTML 9,923 952 Built by @deviantony @kevana @crosbymichael @thojkooi @chiptus 9 stars today
  19. All the Git-it Workshop completers!

    HTML 793 21,883 Built by @reporobot @jlord @hnhkrch @invalid-email-address @johnarlo
  20. Modern JavaScript Tutorial

    HTML 3,783 988 Built by @iliakan @brentguf @usernamehw @Romchik @ematte 7 stars today
  21. Adminator is a easy to use and well design admin dashboard template for web apps, websites, services and more

    HTML 1,768 747 Built by @puikinsh @krzysiekpiasecki @kossa @filipkrstic @NguyenYustar 6 stars today
  22. Our original Web Component library.

    HTML 20,408 1,985 Built by @sorvell @kevinpschaaf @azakus @sjmiles @frankiefu 7 stars today
  23. A guide to smart contract security best practices

    HTML 3,260 581 Built by @ethers @nemild @maurelian @simondlr @James-Lim 7 stars today
  24. A set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project.

    HTML 19,292 2,048 Built by @ericf @tilomitra @jamesalley @redonkulus @msweeney 6 stars today
  25. A Beautiful Open Source RSS & Podcast App Powered by

    HTML 6,262 399 Built by @nparsons08 @tschellenbach @kenhoff @tbarbugli @mahboubii 6 stars today
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