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  1. The Docker Toolbox

    Inno Setup 1,753 584 Built by @jmorganca @nathanleclaire @shin- @SvenDowideit @jeanlaurent
  2. Install Boot2Docker cli, msys-git and VirtualBox

    Inno Setup 1,101 328 Built by @SvenDowideit @tianon @ahmetb @edmorley @huslage
  3. Network A/V in OBS Studio

    Inno Setup 313 36 Built by @Palakis @DDRBoxman @fredemmott @RytoEX @stephanel
  4. A Windows installer for the Hack typeface

    Inno Setup 311 44 Built by @texhex @chrissimpkins
  5. WPN-XM is a web server stack for PHP development on Windows.

    Inno Setup 270 52 Built by @jakoch @serhatdurum @tobiasfichtner
  6. Open Cortana searches with your default browser.

    Inno Setup 228 24 Built by @sylveon @b-
  7. Modular InnoSetup Dependency Installer

    Inno Setup 111 37 Built by @stfx @ygoe @kungfux @mkaput @robytur
  8. A collection of Inno scrpits, plugins, resources and so on.

    Inno Setup 65 35 Built by @KngStr
  9. My scripts for compiling OverlayPlugin and bundling OverlayPlugin-Themes and Xtuaok's Enmity Plugin

    Inno Setup 53 3 Built by @ezsoftware
  10. An installable example node app

    Inno Setup 52 20 Built by @coolaj86
  11. Windows packaging for get_iplayer

    Inno Setup 51 6 Built by @dinkypumpkin @dwmw2 @Vangelis66
  12. Screen capture, OCR and translation tool.

    Inno Setup 50 9 Built by @OneMoreGres
  13. InnoSetup高仿有道云笔记安装程序的脚本模板,改一改背景图片就可以一键打包属于自己的美观的互联网风格的安装程序

    Inno Setup 48 21 Built by @wangwenx190
  14. Dart installer for Windows

    Inno Setup 39 5 Built by @GeKorm @timsneath
  15. Bravura music font, reference font for SMuFL (Standard Music Font Layout)

    Inno Setup 36 5
  16. The Inno Setup QuickStart Pack includes Inno Setup itself, an option to install the unofficial Inno Script Studio script editor and an option to download and install official encryption support.

    Inno Setup 35 18 Built by @martijnlaan
  17. Installer for Crystal on Bash on Windows

    Inno Setup 29 3 Built by @faustinoaq
  18. Delphi lite/repack inno setup script

    Inno Setup 28 13 Built by @delphilite
  19. smartmontools for windows package providing automated / mass installation and email alert support out of the box for hard drive SMART functionality. Scriptable for unattended or GUI end user install.

    Inno Setup 28 9 Built by @deajan @GMZwinge @pspacek @osterik @mineo
  20. Elixir Installer powered by Inno Setup

    Inno Setup 26 3 Built by @chyndman
  21. A Windows Installer for SickRage

    Inno Setup 24 17 Built by @VinceVal @OmgImAlexis
  22. KSMRD Modded Realtek drivers. Disables vendor post-processing (i.e. Waves MaxxAudio, SRS Audio, etc.) on all supported Realtek Audio devices.

    Inno Setup 20 1 Built by @kevinshroff @distantorigin
  23. (Pascal, C) Fallout Fixt source code & references.

    Inno Setup 19 2 Built by @Sduibek
  24. A Desktop App for Remote Messages

    Inno Setup 19 4 Built by @chedster
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