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  1. seL4 specification and proofs

    Isabelle 214 37 Built by @lsf37 @whalefur @mbrcknl @Xaphiosis @mktnk3
  2. A Lem formalization of EVM and some Isabelle/HOL proofs

    Isabelle 189 26 Built by @pirapira @mrsmkl @mbegel @seed
  3. Proof-Code Cogeneration

    Isabelle 86 13 Built by @zilinc @vjackson725 @ajaysusarla @liamoc @azreika
  4. Proving leftpad correct in a dozen different ways

    Isabelle 74 15 Built by @hwayne @ezrakilty @ranjitjhala @kanigsson @porglezomp
  5. High-assurance implementation of (a variant of) the Ouroboros protocol

    Isabelle 68 10 Built by @jeltsch @brunjlar @javierdiaz72 @edsko @dcoutts
  6. Verified iptables Firewall Ruleset Analysis

    Isabelle 64 8 Built by @diekmann @jcaesar @larsrh @ammbauer
  7. Formal models of core Elasticsearch algorithms

    Isabelle 59 7 Built by @ywelsch @DaveCTurner @andrershov
  8. git mirror of the Munich isabelle hg repository

    Isabelle 52 15 Built by @invalid-email-address @lawrencecpaulson @pruvisto @larsrh @m-fleury
  9. Isabelle 21 3 Built by @yutakang @Coda-Coda
  10. lots of mini experiments in various languages

    Isabelle 20 7 Built by @tangentstorm @sabren @adrian17
  11. A Lem formalization of EVM and some Isabelle/HOL proofs

    Isabelle 19 26 Built by @pirapira @mrsmkl @mmalvarez @seed @mbegel
  12. An implementation of Hoare and He's Unifying Theories of Programming in Isabelle

    Isabelle 12 4 Built by @simondfoster @CThuleHansen @kathode
  13. A best-first-search theorem prover implemented in Isabelle

    Isabelle 11 Built by @bzhan
  14. An experimental implementation of HoTT in the interactive proof assistant Isabelle

    Isabelle 10 Built by @jaycech3n @larsrh
  15. A verified permissioned centralized Blockchain for Isabelle/HOL

    Isabelle 10 5 Built by @diekmann @larsrh @mike1703 @Profpatsch @wimmers
  16. A tool for the automatic generation of Isabelle/HOL correctness proofs for security protocols.

    Isabelle 9 3 Built by @meiersi @jshs @lochbihl
  17. Isabelle 8 Built by @ept @DominicPM @victorgomes @arb33
  18. Formal verification of folklore and miscellaneous results in number theory

    Isabelle 8 Built by @josephcmac
  19. Isabelle/HOL proofs about the eChronos RTOS

    Isabelle 8 4 Built by @corlewis
  20. Theory Exploration for Isabelle using HipSpec

    Isabelle 8 2 Built by @moajohansson @Airini @solrun @nick8325 @IlmariReissumies
  21. NaDeA (Natural Deduction Assistant) - With a Formalization in Isabelle

    Isabelle 7 1 Built by @joergenvilladsen
  22. Isabelle formalization of binary consensus

    Isabelle 7 4 Built by @pirapira @vladzamfir
  23. ZeroTier binary releases and packages

    Isabelle 7 5 Built by @adamierymenko @joseph-henry @glimberg
  24. Isabelle 6 1 Built by @prathamesh-t @siddhartha-gadgil
  25. Isabelle 5 2 Built by @mrsmkl
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