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  1. The Julia Language: A fresh approach to technical computing.

    Julia 19,160 3,097 Built by @JeffBezanson @StefanKarpinski @ViralBShah @tkelman @Keno 17 stars today
  2. Flexible Framework for Parallel PDE Parameter Estimation in Julia

    Julia 26 12 Built by @lruthotto @erantreister @dwfmarchant @Pbellive @cschwarzbach
  3. Julia package of loss functions for machine learning.

    Julia 65 17 Built by @Evizero @ahwillia @tbreloff @joshday @kumarkrishna
  4. Compile your Julia Package

    Julia 237 36 Built by @lucatrv @SimonDanisch @ViralBShah @vtjnash @NHDaly
  5. Utility library for working with CSV and other delimited files in the Julia programming language

    Julia 80 39 Built by @quinnj @nalimilan @spurll @alyst @cjprybol
  6. Please do not feed the models

    Julia 93 51 Built by @MikeInnes @Roboneet @willtebbutt @avik-pal @iblis17
  7. Julia kernel for Jupyter

    Julia 1,527 265 Built by @stevengj @fperez @yuyichao @malmaud @Carreau
  8. Crafty statistical graphics for Julia.

    Julia 1,287 206 Built by @dcjones @bjarthur @tlnagy @shashi @Godisemo
  9. Deep Learning framework for Julia

    Julia 1,153 247 Built by @pluskid @benmoran @nstiurca @stokasto @rdeits
  10. Relax! Flux is the ML library that doesn't make you tensor

    Julia 804 140 Built by @MikeInnes @avik-pal @alha02 @johnnychen94 @iblis17
  11. Koç University deep learning framework.

    Julia 755 136 Built by @denizyuret @ilkerkesen @cangumeli @ozanarkancan @EnisBerk
  12. Curated decibans of Julia programming language.

    Julia 718 144 Built by @svaksha @PallHaraldsson @juliohm @blegat @thirumalakiran
  13. Curated decibans of scientific programming resources in Python.

    Julia 675 146 Built by @svaksha @copybin @ISosnovik @jpellman @aloctavodia
  14. Powerful convenience for Julia visualizations and data analysis

    Julia 669 148 Built by @tbreloff @daschw @mkborregaard @jheinen @apalugniok
  15. Julia suite for high-performance solvers of differential equations

    Julia 647 58 Built by @ChrisRackauckas @MichaelHatherly @ScottPJones @YingboMa @staticfloat
  16. Modeling language for Mathematical Optimization (linear, mixed-integer, conic, semidefinite, nonlinear)

    Julia 639 167 Built by @mlubin @joehuchette @blegat @IainNZ @odow
  17. Package to call Python functions from the Julia language

    Julia 586 112 Built by @stevengj @yuyichao @simonster @tkf @Keno
  18. Library for working with tabular data in Julia

    Julia 556 216 Built by @johnmyleswhite @powerdistribution @garborg @nalimilan @bkamins
  19. A Julia wrapper for TensorFlow

    Julia 495 82 Built by @malmaud @oxinabox @kshyatt @adamryczkowski @gustafsson
  20. Solve and estimate Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium models (including the New York Fed DSGE)

    Julia 451 95 Built by @pearlzli @emoszkowski @micahjsmith @abhig94 @caimichael
  21. A JSON representation of Webster's Unabridged Dictionary

    Julia 439 130 Built by @adambom @plr108 @matthewpalmer
  22. The highly productive Julia web framework

    Julia 407 30 Built by @essenciary @p1scescom @tcopestake @PallHaraldsson @GearsAD
  23. The Julia C++ Interface

    Julia 406 73 Built by @Keno @ihnorton @sjkelly @ararslan @oschulz
  24. Optimization functions for Julia

    Julia 367 115 Built by @pkofod @johnmyleswhite @anriseth @timholy @mlubin
  25. A Julia package for probability distributions and associated functions.

    Julia 360 193 Built by @lindahua @johnmyleswhite @simonbyrne @dmbates @andreasnoack
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