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  1. Cosette is an automated SQL solver.

    Lean 446 35 Built by @stechu @Mestway @Shamrock-Frost @konne88 @Snoozy
  2. Bug-free machine learning on stochastic computation graphs

    Lean 314 35 Built by @dselsam @amanvell
  3. Simple verification of Rust programs via functional purification

    Lean 186 2 Built by @Kha @gitter-badger
  4. Lean mathematical components library

    Lean 80 46 Built by @digama0 @johoelzl @ChrisHughes24 @semorrison @cipher1024
  5. Lean 39 42 Built by @andrejbauer @robertylewis @fpvandoorn @digama0 @peterlefanulumsdaine
  6. Lean Library currently studying for a degree at Imperial College

    Lean 36 11 Built by @kbuzzard @ChrisHughes24 @kckennylau @TudorTitan @EllenArlt
  7. HoTT in Lean 3

    Lean 34 8 Built by @gebner @fpvandoorn @jonas-frey @slaykovsky @felixwellen
  8. A quick reference for mapping Coq tactics to Lean tactics

    Lean 27 2 Built by @bmsherman @jldodds
  9. An experimental category theory library for Lean

    Lean 26 6 Built by @semorrison @Xitian9 @timjb @khoek @sam-quinn
  10. Lean 22 9 Built by @fpvandoorn @EgbertRijke @UlrikBuchholtz @favonia @awodey
  11. This project contains various supporting libraries for lean to reason about protocols.

    Lean 20 2 Built by @bmsherman @joehendrix @jldodds
  12. A formalization of the concept of a perfectoid space in the Lean formal theorem prover.

    Lean 18 5 Built by @kbuzzard @jcommelin @PatrickMassot @kckennylau
  13. Formal verification of parts of the Stacks Project in Lean

    Lean 18 6 Built by @kbuzzard @kckennylau @ChrisHughes24 @semorrison
  14. A place to put our 2018 Xena project UROP thoughts and programs.

    Lean 12 3 Built by @kbuzzard @gml16 @lgerolla @alisever @emacneil98
  15. CS2012 UVa CS Discrete Math Spring 2018

    Lean 12 18 Built by @cs1-sullivan @BenHocking @kevinsullivan
  16. This may become a formalization of smooth manifolds in lean

    Lean 9 4 Built by @PatrickMassot @cipher1024
  17. We formalize aspects of the graph model of type theory

    Lean 7 Built by @EgbertRijke
  18. Formalization of proofs from Analysis I in the Lean Theorem Prover.

    Lean 6 Built by @mk12
  19. Lean 6 5 Built by @semorrison @khoek @minchaowu @rwbarton @timjb
  20. Lean library for Universal Algebra

    Lean 6 Built by @williamdemeo @ssomayyajula
  21. Repository for ANU summer students learning Lean

    Lean 6 Built by @MitchRowett @louisanu @semorrison @yuxiliu-anu @felicitylu
  22. Theorems proved using the Lean prover.

    Lean 6 2 Built by @htzh @leodemoura
  23. Superposition prover

    Lean 5 4 Built by @gebner @Kha @leodemoura @jroesch @johoelzl
  24. Formally verified implementation of Alive in Lean

    Lean 5 1 Built by @nunoplopes @aqjune @microsoftopensource @msftgits
  25. IRC-bot written in Lean (

    Lean 5 Built by @forked-from-1kasper
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