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  1. 模仿 Smartisan OS 的 BigBang 功能

    Lex 966 138 Built by @baoyongzhang @zzz40500
  2. Java开源项目cws_evaluation:中文分词器分词效果评估对比

    Lex 650 289 Built by @ysc
  3. FreeLing project source code

    Lex 147 65 Built by @lluisp @arademaker @ambs @guillemcordoba @jgsogo
  4. Improved version of Detex - tool for extracting plain text from TeX and LaTeX sources

    Lex 48 13 Built by @pkubowicz @sophiehuiberts @edymtt @sgerwk @MartinNowack
  5. Context-Sensitive Lexicon Features for Neural Sentiment Analysis

    Lex 25 14 Built by @zeeeyang
  6. Tools and Libraries for Lexicon-Based Sentiment Analysis

    Lex 23 15 Built by @bohana
  7. Счгсопѵ іѕ а fцппч Ғацх Счгіllіс снагастёг маррёг. Вч dёfацlт іт марѕ lатіп снагастёгѕ оf а gіѵёп іпрцт тёхт іпто Счгіllіс (Lоок-Дlікё) соцптёграгтѕ, шніlё гётаіпіпg тнё гёаdавіlітч оf тнё тёхт. Цѕіпg .flёх fіlёѕ Счгсопѵ.flёх сап мар апч ѕёт оf снагастёгѕ іпто а dёѕігёd оцтрцт снагастёг ѕёт.

  8. Simulate a UUCP network with 4.3BSD SimH images

    Lex 22 7 Built by @DoctorWkt @dugoh @floren @larsbrinkhoff @b4
  9. Fluffle Puff Programming Language

    Lex 21 2 Built by @juju2143 @topaz
  10. Icelandic Treebank

    Lex 20 2 Built by @antonkarl @joelcw @Brynhildur @einarfs @Holado
  11. EACL 2017

    Lex 19 5 Built by @LeonCrashCode
  12. 新闻服务器端,JavaWeb 实现,基于阿里云、七牛云

    Lex 18 5 Built by @studychen
  13. Malayalam Morphological Analyzer using Finite State Transducer

    Lex 16 3 Built by @santhoshtr
  14. IceNLP is an open source Natural Language Processing (NLP) toolkit for analyzing and processing Icelandic text. The toolkit is implemented in Java.

    Lex 15 3 Built by @hrafnl @nifgraup
  15. Lex 15 4 Built by @bplank @hectormartinez
  16. Lex 13 Built by @tim70036
  17. an Ada language plugin for intellij

    Lex 13 1 Built by @nraynaud
  18. Build PHP with Polyscripting

    Lex 12 3 Built by @truestblue @archisgore @alexgo @mrkiley
  19. Manuals, lexica, OCR test data for PoCoTo and the profiler

    Lex 12 1 Built by @finkf @uvius
  20. ZeuScansion is a fst-based system capable of performing metrical scansion of poetry written in English.

    Lex 9 2 Built by @manexagirrezabal
  21. An English version of the context based spell checker

    Lex 8 2 Built by @Woseseltops @proycon @antalvdb
  22. Simple lexer base on Jflex

    Lex 8 2 Built by @luoyesiqiu
  23. Good source layout with Flex and Bison

    Lex 8 Built by @o11c
  24. High performance chinese tokenizer with both GBK and UTF-8 charset support developed by ANSI C

    Lex 7 55 Built by @lionsoul2014 @kandu
  25. An Input Validator for HTTP based on Context-free Languages

    Lex 7 Built by @pevalme
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