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  1. A growing, online "textbook" for music theory and aural skills

    LilyPond 151 107 Built by @kshaffer @bcmoseley @brynhughes @alexanderscott @eah13
  2. Open source sheet music

    LilyPond 116 88 Built by @chrissawer @glenl @doughdemon @dominicus @ksnortum
  3. A place to store useful pieces of LilyPond code - custom functions, engravers, hacks, templates, examples etc.

    LilyPond 77 42 Built by @uliska @jan-warchol @Cecca @snappizz @joram-berger
  4. Music typeset with the Lilypond system

    LilyPond 61 15 Built by @cellist @Leobouloc
  5. Some lilypond scores I work on.

    LilyPond 43 10 Built by @horndude77 @TrudyFirestone @chrissawer
  6. Beautiful LilyPond scores under free licenses

    LilyPond 27 8 Built by @wbsoft
  7. My bagpipe tunes in Lilypond format

    LilyPond 23 8 Built by @svenax @dadap @jkersell
  8. Baroque music scores, typeset with GNU LilyPond

    LilyPond 23 6 Built by @nsceaux @karl-von-moor @markk
  9. 1949年前的中文校歌的歌谱制作计划

    LilyPond 19 Built by @luminr
  10. Make LilyPond's notational elements available in Lua- and XeLaTeX

    LilyPond 18 7 Built by @uliska @davebellows @skiasaurus
  11. A growing, online "textbook" for music theory and aural skills

    LilyPond 17 107 Built by @brynhughes @bcmoseley @kshaffer @bryanagee @eah13
  12. LilyJAZZ Font for LilyPond

    LilyPond 16 3 Built by @slacy @tunesmith
  13. A Collection of Christmas Carols

    LilyPond 14 5 Built by @bbloomf @jmeberlein
  14. A growing, online "textbook" for music theory and aural skills

    LilyPond 14 107 Built by @kshaffer
  15. ScholarLY, a library for annotating LilyPond scores

    LilyPond 13 6 Built by @jefferyshivers @uliska
  16. Repository of scores typeset using Lilypond & Ripple

    LilyPond 12 1 Built by @ciconia
  17. MxM is a Java-based music library intended for use in developing musical AI.

    LilyPond 11 5 Built by @PatrickCelentano @jpatsenker @AaronPerl @a3r0d7n4m1k @NickCurtis
  18. LilyPond IDE for Eclipse

    LilyPond 11 3 Built by @thSoft @nittka
  19. Public Domain English language hymnody, transcribed and engraved in Lilypond

    LilyPond 11 8 Built by @musicamecclesiae
  20. Songs data for LaTeX songbooks

    LilyPond 11 23 Built by @crep4ever @lohrun @Oldero @cypriani @oliverpool
  21. LilyPond typesetter for Roman numeral harmonic analysis

    LilyPond 10 2 Built by @davidnalesnik
  22. Deprecated -> see openlilylib/snippets

    LilyPond 10 4 Built by @uliska @jan-warchol @Cecca @snappizz @joram-berger
  23. Programs and Reference Docs for Open Source Music Hacking

    LilyPond 9 1 Built by @deanius
  24. Lilypond files for "Songs from the Public Domain"

    LilyPond 9 Built by @bbloomf
  25. Various Lilypond scores I have need for

    LilyPond 7 Built by @xaviershay
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