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  1. The ultimate Shopify theme framework, built by Shopify.

    Liquid 861 328 Built by @cshold @carolineschnapp @stevebosworth @humancopy @benknight
  2. Azure Architecture Center

    Liquid 483 430 Built by @MikeWasson @bennage @Petertaylor9999 @woodp @alexbuckgit
  3. An open-source base theme for Shopify using Twitter Bootstrap

    Liquid 191 72 Built by @stewartknapman @darryn @galenking @gavinballard @dima7b
  4. Shopify code examples and tips

    Liquid 178 32 Built by @freakdesign
  5. The Shopify Themes Team opinionated starting point for new a Slate project

    Liquid 120 40 Built by @t-kelly @chrisberthe @huguestennier @tauthomas01 @jonathanmoore
  6. Shopify Theme Framework

    Liquid 87 49 Built by @Cam @hellojebus
  7. Exceedingly bare bones Shopify theme

    Liquid 85 43 Built by @keirwhitaker
  8. A modern template for developing Shopify-themes using Vuejs

    Liquid 80 10 Built by @dmccuskey
  9. Add CSS import functionality to Shopify theme development with Grunt.js or Gulp.js

    Liquid 78 12 Built by @cshold @humancopy @tmlayton @ifyoumakeit @kennedysgarage
  10. Allows you to use Shortcodes within Shopify

    Liquid 74 21 Built by @ryanheart @evulse @GeorgeGardiner @Jore @pkostadinov-2create
  11. A theme for Shopify based on the responsive Zurb Foundation 5 framework.

    Liquid 68 21 Built by @lukebussey @Leland @Sananes
  12. 🏗 Concrete Shopify Theme Framework

    Liquid 62 14 Built by @ButsAndCats @Cam @oscarstranger @allanarmstrong @mrslwiseman
  13. Shopify Liquid snippets to parse a JSON string to local variables

    Liquid 57 11 Built by @evulse @Jore
  14. non-app wish list using customer.tags

    Liquid 56 39 Built by @zakhardage
  15. Blog About Computers

    Liquid 52 40 Built by @yegor256 @rdbrinks @nqafield @jessdaddy @stevenNow
  16. Ajaxify Your Shopify Cart

    Liquid 50 30 Built by @carolineschnapp
  17. A barebones ☠️starter theme with the required files needed to compile with Slate and upload to Shopify.

    Liquid 46 9 Built by @chrisberthe @t-kelly @huguestennier @tmlayton
  18. The shared catalog for Generamba templates

    Liquid 45 28 Built by @etolstoy @bimawa @Beniamiiin @vasilenkoigor @arn00s
  19. A collection of code snippets, generally for use with Shopify

    Liquid 44 10 Built by @gocomet
  20. non-app wish list using customer.tags

    Liquid 42 39 Built by @zakhardage @jimlakey
  21. Shopify Wholesale

    Liquid 37 12 Built by @zakhardage
  22. Sources of the official Locomotive website

    Liquid 34 25 Built by @did @nielsenramon @sas1ni69 @nik736 @Zorny
  23. Create a Google Shopping xml feed for your Shopify store using a collection template

    Liquid 34 16 Built by @Czarto
  24. A complete rebuild of Bootstrapify for version 4

    Liquid 33 8 Built by @cshold @stewartknapman @carolineschnapp @afshing @stevebosworth
  25. A boilerplate theme for pro Shopify stores

    Liquid 32 4 Built by @mattaebersold @nickmealey
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