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  1. Mirror of official llvm git repository located at Updated every five minutes.

    LLVM 3,271 1,609 Built by @lattner @topperc @isanbard @rotateright @chandlerc 16 stars this week
  2. LLVM 689 164 Built by @lattner @topperc @isanbard @rotateright @chandlerc
  3. Build NVIDIA® CUDA™ code for OpenCL™ 1.2 devices

    LLVM 432 56 Built by @hughperkins @iame6162013 @illuhad @indianajohn @CecilHarvey
  4. Playing with the Tigress binary protection. Break some of its protections and solve some of its challenges. Automatic deobfuscation using symbolic execution, taint analysis and LLVM.

    LLVM 301 63 Built by @JonathanSalwan
  5. LLVM IR library in pure Go (work in progress).

    LLVM 279 19 Built by @mewmew @sangisos @7i @quarnster @mcaldwelva
  6. Fork of the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure

    LLVM 138 69 Built by @lattner @topperc @isanbard @rotateright @chandlerc
  7. A tool for analyzing x86-64 binaries.

    LLVM 129 9 Built by @joehendrix @simonjwinwood @ntc2 @thebendavis @benjaminselfridge
  8. NOTE: The LLVM project now operates official Git mirrors as well: -- An automated mirror of llvm/trunk from LLVM's SVN. Updates hourly. Release branches and tags are tracked manually. This mirror is *not* commit-ID compatible with the official Git mirrors.

    LLVM 120 59 Built by @lattner @topperc @isanbard @rotateright @chandlerc
  9. emscripten llvm

    LLVM 118 97 Built by @lattner @topperc @isanbard @chandlerc @d0k
  10. Binary Translator to LLVM IR

    LLVM 117 29 Built by @lattner @topperc @isanbard @chandlerc @echristo
  11. based on llvm 5.0 release with ollvm and Armariris

    LLVM 110 52 Built by @Qrilee
  12. A compiler intermediate representation for image recognition and heterogeneous computing.

    LLVM 79 10 Built by @jklontz @JordanCheney @krk @mburge
  13. This repo contains a version of the LLVM that is being modified to support Checked C. Checked C is an extension to C that adds checking to detect or prevent common programming errors such as out-of-bounds memory accesses.

    LLVM 79 16 Built by @lattner @topperc @isanbard @chandlerc @d0k
  14. A guide that explains how high level programming language constructs are mapped to the LLVM intermediate language.

    LLVM 74 7 Built by @f0rki @thautwarm @vitvakatu
  15. 基于clang static analyzer的源码漏洞检测插件

    LLVM 72 7 Built by @GoSSIP-SJTU @XinDistance
  16. Tapir extension to LLVM for optimizing Parallel Programs

    LLVM 72 15 Built by @lattner @topperc @isanbard @chandlerc @echristo
  17. Programming Accelerators with C++ (PACXX)

    LLVM 58 2 Built by @lattner @topperc @isanbard @chandlerc @d0k
  18. Mal (Make A Lisp) compiler

    LLVM 53 4 Built by @dubek @kanaka
  19. Mono LLVM Repository.

    LLVM 53 59 Built by @lattner @topperc @isanbard @chandlerc @d0k
  20. LLVM 50 11 Built by @melvinzhang
  21. Pretty printer for LLVM AST to Textual IR

    LLVM 46 13 Built by @sdiehl @nomeata @cocreature @aherrmann @SongWithoutWords
  22. [Deprecated]visit new project:

    LLVM 46 15 Built by @Qrilee
  23. Experimental LLVM backend for MOS 6502 family processors

    LLVM 45 1,609 Built by @lattner @topperc @isanbard @chandlerc @d0k
  24. The Sparrow programming language

    LLVM 43 1 Built by @lucteo
  25. LLVM 39 3 Built by @llamerada-jp @yandod @olalonde
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