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  1. A minimal HTTP server written in LOLCODE.

    LOLCODE 86 6 Built by @justinmeza
  2. A simple (and probably full of bugs) Tic Tac Toe game written in lolcode

    LOLCODE 17 Built by @rodrigocaldeira

    LOLCODE 15 Built by @LeartS
  4. 🍡 fizzbuzz in many languages

    LOLCODE 12 2 Built by @kmoe @samiwh
  5. Because why not?

    LOLCODE 6 Built by @swaggy
  6. 🗿🌌 | Things I have learned studying... the strange.

    LOLCODE 6 1 Built by @mstraughan86
  7. it's exactly what you think

    LOLCODE 6 Built by @Kimbsy
  8. Project Euler problem solutions in LOLCODE

    LOLCODE 5 Built by @markjreed @mjreed-turner
  9. IRC bot to randomize two options

    LOLCODE 5 2 Built by @Lucki
  10. A collection of esoteric examples

    LOLCODE 5 1 Built by @staylward @sfleming92
  11. Devil's Queer House - An old game for Amiga

    LOLCODE 4 Built by @vsimko
  12. A small project demonstrating Kubernetes deployment with Helm

    LOLCODE 4 3 Built by @omerlh @yaron-idan
  13. Replace every word with penis

    LOLCODE 4 9 Built by @WamboJambo @camwood23
  14. It does the numbers

    LOLCODE 3 Built by @Buttars
  15. Implementation of All ▲lgorithms in LOL Programming Language

    LOLCODE 3 Built by @abranhe
  16. A Pokemon Go IV rater in lolcode.

    LOLCODE 3 Built by @akleemans
  17. LOLCODE 2 Built by @zhaitianyong
  18. LOLCODE 2 Built by @nathanchere
  19. LOLCODE questionnaire

    LOLCODE 2 Built by @harens
  20. LOLCODE 2 Built by @chuthagoras
  21. Yay fun programs!

    LOLCODE 2 Built by @thepiercingarrow
  22. amazing lolcodee

    LOLCODE 2 Built by @PenetratingShot
  23. A repository for my experiments with the LOLCODE programming language.

    LOLCODE 2 1 Built by @theDrake
  24. Small programs to play simple games in console.

    LOLCODE 2 Built by @Joimer
  25. DIAMONDZ!!1!1

    LOLCODE 2 Built by @halvards
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