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  1. A simple tool for visually comparing two PDF files

    M4 621 69 Built by @vslavik @Arlon1 @mrsarm @fatalmind @MichaelPFrey
  2. Qt5 super module

    M4 510 212 Built by @liangqi @ossilator @tronical @gladhorn @annulen
  3. A basic user tool to execute simple docker containers in batch or interactive systems without root privileges

    M4 428 51 Built by @A1ve5 @mariojmdavid @isabel-campos-plasencia @orviz @undu
  4. Bash argument parsing code generator

    M4 266 18 Built by @matejak @sgallagher @Tzrlk @btamayo @ariutta
  5. Collection of prooph docker files

    M4 144 39 Built by @sandrokeil @codeliner @basz @bweston92 @afoeder
  6. UCARP allows a couple of hosts to share common virtual IP addresses in order to provide automatic failover. It is a portable userland implementation of the secure and patent-free Common Address Redundancy Protocol (CARP, OpenBSD's alternative to the patents-bloated VRRP).

    M4 124 30 Built by @jedisct1 @eevans @cornet @gmjosack @petiepooo
  7. Convert XBase / FoxPro databases to PostgreSQL

    M4 91 31 Built by @kstrauser @philwo @frubi @alderkien @andybalholm
  8. M4 macros to use Boost with the autotools

    M4 84 51 Built by @tsuna @akimd @pieterlexis @RhysU @djerius
  9. website

    M4 83 19 Built by @DennisYurichev @dinosaurfiles
  10. Tool kit for building PHP under Windows

    M4 75 33 Built by @weltling @cmb69 @AlexanderGabriel @dktapps @Gemorroj
  11. libeatmydata (slowly migrating from launchpad)

    M4 66 5 Built by @stewartsmith @emonty @ojwb @mapreri @modax
  12. Query-string module for Varnish Cache

    M4 66 23 Built by @Dridi @RWOverdijk @tjakobsson @zmousm @db-pj
  13. my website

    M4 64 18 Built by @DennisYurichev @nabijaczleweli
  14. The new guide of the conversation in Autoconf and Make

    M4 51 10 Built by @edrosten
  15. Using logstash's Grok patterns in Rsyslog.

    M4 50 8 Built by @chenryn @chunshengster
  16. A mirror of the GNU Autoconf Archive, a collection of more than 500 macros for GNU Autoconf that have been contributed as free software by friendly supporters of the cause from all over the Internet.

    M4 50 94 Built by @peti @rrthomas @jsoref @gdraheim @bastien-roucaries
  17. Set of tools to build static Qt 5.x libs on Windows.

    M4 50 27 Built by @fpoussin @psadaic
  18. Dockerfiles to all docker base images we use at whatwedo

    M4 43 16 Built by @xarem @n3r0-ch @s4mpl3d @disperate
  19. Examples of Universal React without a Node.js Backend

    M4 43 1 Built by @tildedave
  20. dynalogin server, core storage modules, C library code and PHP client code

    M4 38 12 Built by @dpocock @pataquets
  21. bric is a text editor based on kilo.

    M4 36 44 Built by @shnupta @andy5995 @doztrock @yashjakhotiya @sadboyzvone
  22. M4 36 7 Built by @alekseyzimin @CorreyL @gmarcais
  23. Source code for Apple ][ series System Software and DOS

    M4 35 8 Built by @cmosher01
  24. OpenPLi Openembedded overlay for PVR settop boxes

    M4 34 66 Built by @eriksl @WanWizard @athoik @pieterg @technl
  25. Bitcoin Client Query Library

    M4 31 29 Built by @evoskuil @pmienk @swansontec @thecodefactory @genjix
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