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  1. Python资源大全中文版,包括:Web框架、网络爬虫、模板引擎、数据库、数据可视化、图片处理等,由伯乐在线持续更新。

    Makefile 12,796 4,599 Built by @tangyouhua @chenjiandongx @huanglimin @hanxiaomax @ferstar 8 stars today
  2. Patches and Clover configuration required for Intel NUC5/6/7/8 series mini PCs

    Makefile 123 31 Built by @RehabMan 8 stars today
  3. Google 开源项目风格指南 (中文版)

    Makefile 4,554 1,544 Built by @acgtyrant @yangyubo @red-flower @ilcc @daviddengcn 7 stars today
  4. A curated list for awesome kubernetes sources 🚢🎉

    Makefile 4,400 622 Built by @ramitsurana @moshloop @idvoretskyi @HighwayofLife @coolbrg 6 stars today
  5. Kubernetes Handbook (Kubernetes指南)

    Makefile 2,102 592 Built by @feiskyer @yan234280533 @kweisamx @wangzhuzhen @kairen 5 stars today
  6. Makefile 124 248 Built by @dianlujitao @codeworkx @OzzysCmAcc @ciwrl @Grarak
  7. Makefile 36 31 Built by @codeworkx @amartinz @darkobas @xingrz @cryptomilk
  8. translation work flow

    Makefile 43 34 Built by @Adolf-L @numbbbbb @BigNerdCoding @Yousanflics @ForelaxX
  9. Buildroot, making embedded Linux easy. Note that this is not the official repository, but only a mirror. The official Git repository is at Do not open issues or file pull requests here.

    Makefile 616 701 Built by @gustavoz @jacmet @tpetazzoni @bkuhls @yann-morin-1998
  10. Makefile 120 585 Built by @dhacker29 @intervigilium @invisiblek @luk1337 @crpalmer
  11. Makefile 30 34 Built by @codeworkx @amartinz @xingrz @cryptomilk @invisiblek
  12. 🔰 HassOS Docker hypervisor

    Makefile 328 88 Built by @pvizeli @rbray89 @fabaff @infamy @jtru
  13. Makefile 52 209 Built by @wangying1015 @scottamain @colincross @danw @enh
  14. SELinux policy files for Container Runtimes

    Makefile 46 31 Built by @rhatdan @wrabcak @giuseppe @lsm5 @jlebon
  15. An OpenVR driver that applies virtual movement using a pedometer

    Makefile 52 9 Built by @pottedmeat7
  16. Build and run Docker containers leveraging NVIDIA GPUs

    Makefile 7,175 917 Built by @flx42 @3XX0 @clnperez @edsonke @ruffsl
  17. Learn Haskell

    Makefile 5,881 453 Built by @bitemyapp @julienXX @jhedev @berewt @southp
  18. Standard Go Project Layout

    Makefile 4,636 390 Built by @kcq @aejnsn @hieuht817 @mattfenwick @alexandear
  19. Brew & manage PHP versions in pure PHP at HOME

    Makefile 3,753 291 Built by @c9s @marcioAlmada @jhdxr @morozov @racklin
  20. A Video Surveillance OS For Single-board Computers

    Makefile 3,360 360 Built by @ccrisan @jasaw @mikebanks @bortek @owenthewizard
  21. An RFC for a new series of HTTP status codes covering developer fouls.

    Makefile 3,067 252 Built by @joho @fredwu @justinfrench @tmilewski @whump
  22. Clone this repo to build Frida

    Makefile 2,904 331 Built by @oleavr @s1341 @karltk @Tyilo @riverar
  23. List of libraries, tools and APIs for web scraping and data processing.

    Makefile 2,660 398 Built by @lorien @andriyor @sp1thas @gingerhot @mutewinter
  24. Example source code accompanying O'Reilly's "Hadoop: The Definitive Guide" by Tom White

    Makefile 2,482 2,204 Built by @tomwhite
  25. Full Speed Python: a book for self-learners

    Makefile 2,364 279 Built by @joaoventura @dunkthelunk @filipefilardi @Freddixx @bluszcz
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