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  1. Open source lilypond real book for Jazz musicians

    Mako 101 20 Built by @veltzer @captbaritone @michaDnt @arktisvogel @glynnforrest
  2. 🔬📚 IPython Integration into Galaxy

    Mako 29 10 Built by @bgruening @jmchilton @hrhotz
  3. A copyright violation detector running on Wikimedia Cloud Services

    Mako 21 5 Built by @earwig
  4. Hue application for Apache Kafka

    Mako 20 10 Built by @danieltardon
  5. openFrameworks website translate in Japanese

    Mako 17 14 Built by @tado @feb19 @daigo3 @fumikistrider @hiz1
  6. Mako 16 44 Built by @asottile @struys @chriskuehl @Lucas-C @elidupuis
  7. Squid reverse caching proxy for distro mirrors - dockerized

    Mako 8 2 Built by @EnigmaCurry
  8. Mako 7 11 Built by @FreddieWitherden @bartwozniak @pv101 @petebachant
  9. IP-XACT based register generator

    Mako 6 2 Built by @tudortimi @olofk
  10. Truveris engineering blog

    Mako 6 3 Built by @tamentis @dglloyd @matthewhorst @f0rk @hubiera
  11. Documentation and code of the eCm-hclub

    Mako 5 Built by @mr6r4y
  12. Hue application for Apache Storm

    Mako 5 2 Built by @danieltardon
  13. Cross-Linguistic Dictionary Journal

    Mako 5 6 Built by @xrotwang @LimorNaaman @xflr6 @chrzyki @FrancineF
  14. Tangerine is a task scheduler that automates cloud resources to accommodate your workload

    Mako 5 1 Built by @zeagler
  15. Pyramid front-end web view(s) for OTT

    Mako 4 2 Built by @fpurcell @Casimirosinprograma
  16. Sitio público de Python Monterrey

    Mako 4 1 Built by @cyraxjoe
  17. The website of the An Crúbadán project, built on the clld framework

    Mako 4 2 Built by @octalsrc @kscanne
  18. Public humanities tool for making websites in which each measure of a score is highlighted in time with music.

    Mako 3 Built by @jswafford @dplepage
  19. Simple "Hello, World" for building Galaxy IEs.

    Mako 3 5 Built by @erasche @bgruening @shiltemann @thobalose @pcm32
  20. pkg

    Mako 3 5 Built by @voisardf @kalbermattenm @asaunier
  21. CV generator in different formats.

    Mako 3 1 Built by @cristobalcl
  22. Play old DOS BBS door games on Linux

    Mako 3 Built by @jordemort
  23. repo

    Mako 3 Built by @CopperBadger @Dreae @rechner @Jacktail
  24. This are default custom report

    Mako 3 3 Built by @sebastienbeau @bguillot
  25. Scripts for composing and launching lexical decision models.

    Mako 3 Built by @crcox
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