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  1. GPU code for spike sorting

    MATLAB 82 81 Built by @marius10p @nsteinme @aliddell @ferchaure @sasen
  2. Evolutionary multi-objective optimization platform

    MATLAB 32 19 Built by @anonymone @SongWJ92
  3. Code and data for paper "Deep Photo Style Transfer":

    MATLAB 8,612 1,223 Built by @luanfujun @mgalkov @ProGamerGov @vincentdesmares @MarcoForte
  4. Matlab code for machine learning algorithms in book PRML

    MATLAB 3,480 1,571 Built by @sth4nth @weilinear @cheerconi
  5. Matlab/Octave toolbox for deep learning. Includes Deep Belief Nets, Stacked Autoencoders, Convolutional Neural Nets, Convolutional Autoencoders and vanilla Neural Nets. Each method has examples to get you started.

    MATLAB 3,155 2,092 Built by @rasmusbergpalm @carlcotner @albertoandreottiATgmail @ananda621 @skaae
  6. OpenTLD is an open source library for real-time 2D tracking of a single object in video. This repository is no longer under development. For latest version see:

    MATLAB 2,015 1,268 Built by @zk00006
  7. Faster R-CNN

    MATLAB 1,909 1,035 Built by @ShaoqingRen @rbgirshick @KaimingHe @johncarl81 @onkarganjewar
  8. R-CNN: Regions with Convolutional Neural Network Features

    MATLAB 1,676 817 Built by @rbgirshick @jeffdonahue
  9. Transport coordinate between earth(WGS-84) and mars in china(GCJ-02).

    MATLAB 1,563 357 Built by @googollee @Artoria2e5 @gutenye @larryli @bewantbe
  10. Joint Face Detection and Alignment using Multi-task Cascaded Convolutional Neural Networks

    MATLAB 1,527 706 Built by @kpzhang93
  11. This repository contains the source code for the semantic image segmentation method described in the ICCV 2015 paper: Conditional Random Fields as Recurrent Neural Networks.

    MATLAB 1,181 449 Built by @bittnt @sadeepj @hmph
  12. 自己随手记录的东西

    MATLAB 1,168 176 Built by @ecmadao @fxhover @Haojen @calabash519
  13. R-FCN: Object Detection via Region-based Fully Convolutional Networks

    MATLAB 1,007 480 Built by @daijifeng001 @liyi14 @HaozhiQi @YuwenXiong
  14. Bayesian Program Learning model for one-shot learning

    MATLAB 869 294 Built by @brendenlake
  15. Tiny Face Detector, CVPR 2017

    MATLAB 851 257 Built by @peiyunh @iFreilicht
  16. This repo is specially created for all the work done my me as a part of Coursera's Machine Learning Course.

    MATLAB 799 713 Built by @dipanjanS
  17. Class Activation Mapping

    MATLAB 741 222 Built by @metalbubble @ajschumacher
  18. This program converts MATLAB®/Octave figures to TikZ/pgfplots figures for smooth integration into LaTeX.

    MATLAB 670 167 Built by @egeerardyn @nschloe @PeterPablo @miscco @LJeub
  19. Original Caffe Version for LightCNN-9. Highly recommend to use Pytorch Version (

    MATLAB 640 318 Built by @AlfredXiangWu
  20. Piotr's Image & Video Matlab Toolbox

    MATLAB 621 431 Built by @pdollar @una-dinosauria
  21. A MATLAB toolbox for exporting publication quality figures

    MATLAB 583 195 Built by @altmany @ojwoodford @JacobD10 @erihe251 @hyiltiz
  22. my octave exercises for 2011 stanford machine learning class, posted after the due date of course

    MATLAB 579 379 Built by @schneems
  23. Structured Edge Detection Toolbox

    MATLAB 527 294 Built by @pdollar
  24. Object detection system using deformable part models (DPMs) and latent SVM (voc-release5). You may want to use the latest tarball on my website. The github code may include code changes that have not been tested as thoroughly and will not necessarily reproduce the results on the website.

    MATLAB 481 291 Built by @rbgirshick
  25. Collection and a development kit of matlab mex functions for OpenCV library

    MATLAB 472 260 Built by @amroamroamro @kyamagu @NextDesign1 @rafaelgm @nsaje
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