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  1. Various MaxScripts and plugins created from 2001 - 2008

    MAXScript 36 14 Built by @davestewart
  2. A library of useful compounds and tools for Max Creation Graph.

    MAXScript 22 4 Built by @cdiggins @kevinvandecar
  3. Improved Ninja Ripper importer script for 3d Studio Max.

    MAXScript 22 7 Built by @dave-newson @Dawars
  4. OSL shaders

    MAXScript 15 3 Built by @gkmotu
  5. Port of Shen to run on top of Wasp Lisp

    MAXScript 14 1 Built by @doublec
  6. ⚔ A repo which employs a number of useful libraries I found across the net along with some custom-written Python and MAXScript to facilitate batch export of Nintendo SBFRES compressed files to FBX files (for use in Unity, for instance). DISCLAIMER: I do not condone the unauthorized replication of files provided by employing this script!

    MAXScript 14 7 Built by @Makiah
  7. 天气查询机器人:多轮对话示例程序

    MAXScript 12 3 Built by @Samurais
  8. ALLoader is a 3dsMax 2015 exporter and loader for three.js in a simple custom JSON format, which supports rigged, skinned and animated meshes. 3ds max threejs three js webgl

    MAXScript 12 9 Built by @antlafarge
  9. 3ds Max batch import, modify & export tool

    MAXScript 12 4 Built by @joshaxey
  10. Brainf*ck implementation with other languages

    MAXScript 11 2 Built by @takano32 @esehara @tst2005
  11. Batch rendering tool for 3ds max

    MAXScript 11 2 Built by @usakhelo
  12. Seurat exporter for 3ds Max

    MAXScript 10 2 Built by @superrune
  13. MAXScript 10 117 Built by @malonnnn @Supertre03 @mythguy1226 @ViceTOP @iiSimqlyHqrk
  14. Molecular fingerprint prediction from MS/MS (FingerID).

    MAXScript 9 1 Built by @icdishb
  15. 3ds max ToTex, Texture Baking Tool, maxscript

    MAXScript 9 4 Built by @svenfraeys
  16. Maxscripts for Unity3D workflows

    MAXScript 8 4 Built by @unitycoder
  17. maxscript fun

    MAXScript 8 3 Built by @404maciej
  18. A collection of maxscripts to help modding maps in GTAV

    MAXScript 8 Built by @neos7
  19. MaxBMD script for 3ds Max.

    MAXScript 8 5 Built by @Avatarus-one @niacdoial
  20. 售前机器人

    MAXScript 7 3 Built by @Samurais
  21. Scripts for content tools (eg, 3dsmax) for various Halo games

    MAXScript 7 3 Built by @kornman00
  22. Central place for all PDP-10 microcode

    MAXScript 6 1 Built by @larsbrinkhoff @b4
  23. Collection of CommandHelper scripts used on the servers.

    MAXScript 6 16 Built by @totemo @Challenger2 @redwallhp @slide23 @pez252
  24. MAXScript 6 3 Built by @4698to
  25. CommandHelper Scripts for the FinalScoreMC Minecraft Server

    MAXScript 6 3 Built by @PseudoKnight @chocklymon
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