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  1. The Mercury logic programming system.

    Mercury 408 40 Built by @zsomogyi @wangp @juliensf @PaulBone @sebgod
  2. Code developed for articles in the "Journal of Graphics Tools"

    Mercury 239 36 Built by @erich666
  3. Ray tracer with phong lighting, reflections, refractions, normal mapping, procedural textures, super sampling, and depth of field.

    Mercury 110 31 Built by @marczych @soriat
  4. A Markdown NSAttributedString parser.

    Mercury 101 20 Built by @jverkoey @tapwork @gskbyte @pietbrauer @fabiopelosin
  5. This is a demo project that illustrates various Core Animation techniques, focusing on animation sequences created using CAAnimationGroup

    Mercury 89 22 Built by @DuncanMC
  6. Plasma Programming Language

    Mercury 68 8 Built by @PaulBone @Gertm @rightfold @jacebenson @drprofesq
  7. A curses terminal client for the Notmuch email system

    Mercury 56 7 Built by @wangp @frediz
  8. Repository for Xcode example project demonstrating how to support multiple windows when using UIWebView.

    Mercury 22 13 Built by @hessler
  9. UICollectionViewFlowLayout subclass that allows cell deletion and re-ordering

    Mercury 15 5 Built by @kgomara @gaurav-nga
  10. A simple CFTree Cocoa wrapper.

    Mercury 15 5 Built by @JanX2
  11. Developer-Centric Knowledge Mining from Large Open-Source Software Repositories

    Mercury 13 4 Built by @jrwilliams @basten @jurgenvinju @ashimshahi @acs
  12. Watch any Spherical video in the Oculus Rift

    Mercury 13 3 Built by @obviousjim @prisonerjohn
  13. Automated Measurement and Analysis of Open-Source Software

    Mercury 11 4 Built by @jrwilliams @basten @jurgenvinju @ashimshahi @nmatra
  14. A Mercury JSON library.

    Mercury 10 2 Built by @juliensf @sebgod
  15. A package manager for the Mercury logic programming language.

    Mercury 9 Built by @stewy33 @Christopher-Xu @EnterManan
  16. A Mercury CSV library.

    Mercury 9 3 Built by @juliensf @dzyr
  17. Library of miscellaneous utilities

    Mercury 8 2 Built by @juliensf @sebgod
  18. Lua implemented in Mercury

    Mercury 8 1 Built by @C4Cypher
  19. OSX video playback addon based on ofxAVFVideoPlayer. Allows to load movies on the fly in a background thread without hiccups.

    Mercury 7 7 Built by @armadillu
  20. my resource for final project study including report doc & pdf source code ...

    Mercury 7 3 Built by @aitmlouk
  21. Implementation of paper: Reconstructing PASCAL VOC

    Mercury 6 6 Built by @yihui-he
  22. Fast CGI binding for Mercury

    Mercury 6 Built by @PaulBone @eazar001
  23. Software for the Oslo Method

    Mercury 5 4 Built by @fzeiser @jorgenem @vetlewi @cecgresonant
  24. Unicode character database parser and library for the Mercury language

    Mercury 5 1 Built by @sebgod
  25. Mercury 4 Built by @wangp @mikeday
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