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  1. Free (standard conform) library from the Modelica Association to model mechanical (1D/3D), electrical (analog, digital, machines), magnetic, thermal, fluid, control systems and hierarchical state machines. Also numerical functions and functions for strings, files and streams are included.

    Modelica 132 66 Built by @MartinOtter @beutlich @dietmarw @christiankral @tobolar
  2. Modelica Buildings library

    Modelica 72 64 Built by @mwetter @milicag @mbonvini @JayHuLBL @PeterGrant
  3. A Modelica model library for building performance simulations

    Modelica 59 38 Built by @mlauster @PMehrfeld @marcusfuchs @PRemmen @MirkoEngelpracht
  4. Modelica library for building and district energy systems developed within IBPSA Project 1

    Modelica 48 47 Built by @mwetter @Mathadon @bramvdh91 @marcusfuchs @mlauster
  5. Modelica library allowing simultaneous transient simulation of thermal and electrical systems at both building and feeder level.

    Modelica 39 29 Built by @Mathadon @damienpicard @rubenbaetens @saroele @arnoutaertgeerts
  6. The OpenModelica Compiler is the core of the OpenModelica project, which is an open-source Modelica-based modeling and simulation environment intended for industrial and academic usage.

    Modelica 36 58 Built by @sjoelund @adrpo @perost @lochel @OpenModelica-Hudson
  7. Free (standard conform) library that is intended to model electrical power systems at different levels of detail both in transient and steady-state mode.

    Modelica 32 21 Built by @rfranke @dietmarw @sjoelund @tbeu @casella
  8. Thermocycle library

    Modelica 31 15 Built by @jowr @squoilin @tbeu @bdechesne @labothap
  9. Modelica BuildingSystems library

    Modelica 28 13 Built by @nytschgeusen @thorade @carlesRT @jmoeckel @ainderfurth
  10. Project 1

    Modelica 25 23 Built by @mwetter @bramvdh91 @e3dEF @mlauster @Mathadon
  11. Free (standard conform) library from the Modelica Association for interface definitions and architectures for vehicle system modeling

    Modelica 19 11 Built by @dietmarw @tobolar @harmanpa @tbeu @itorsten
  12. Free library that contains models with different complexity for simulating of electric energy storages like batteries (single cells as well as stacks) interacting with loads, battery management systems, loads and charging devices.

    Modelica 19 7 Built by @dietmarw @christiankral
  13. BuildSysPro open source: EDF's Modelica library for buildings, districts and energy systems modelling

    Modelica 18 14 Built by @bcharrier @maschumann @giplessis @sfroidurot @thorade
  14. Modelica Library of Chemical and Electrochemical Processes

    Modelica 18 9 Built by @MarekMatejak @tbeu @filip-jezek @dietmarw
  15. Modelica library for Physiology

    Modelica 18 7 Built by @MarekMatejak @TomasKulhanek @tbeu @thorade
  16. Modelica library for the calculation of fluid properties from a Helmholtz energy equation of state (EoS).

    Modelica 18 5 Built by @thorade @tbeu @kaern
  17. A library of power system component models written in the Modelica language that can be used for power system dynamic analysis, such as phasor time-domain simulations.

    Modelica 17 34 Built by @MaximeBaudette @tinrabuzin @dietmarw @janlav @lvanfretti
  18. The iTesla Power System Library is a Modelica library developed as part of the iTesla project. The library contains a set of power system component models for phasor time domain simulations.

    Modelica 17 34 Built by @tinrabuzin @MaximeBaudette @AIAitesla @rte-des-simulation-dynamique @dietmarw
  19. A Modelica library for photovoltaic system and power converter design

    Modelica 16 4 Built by @raulrpearson
  20. UC Berkeley, National Instruments & Autodesk Collaborative Research Project

    Modelica 15 7 Built by @jonathanshum
  21. A free Modelica package providing components describing 1-dimensional fluid flow in hydraulic circuits.

    Modelica 15 15 Built by @harmanpa @xogeny @dietmarw @mtiller @tbeu
  22. A semantics compliance suite for the Modelica language

    Modelica 14 9 Built by @perost @sjoelund @HansOlsson @tbeu @FrenkelJ
  23. Simulate circuits and sketches on a virtual Arduino Uno in Modelica

    Modelica 14 7 Built by @t-sommer
  24. Modelica 12 4 Built by @adamnagel
  25. Solar thermal power/fuel station performance simulation and optimisation using Modelica. Read a paper about our project:

    Modelica 10 10 Built by @ashirazi7 @paul-scott @jdpipe @adelacalle @gitter-badger
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