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  1. vishap oberon compiler

    Modula-2 89 15 Built by @dcwbrown @norayr @antranigv @muspellsson
  2. Project Oberon (New Edition 2013) Unofficial Mirror

    Modula-2 60 12 Built by @ilovb @kpmy
  3. An Oberon-07 compiler for the JVM

    Modula-2 52 4 Built by @lboasso
  4. An Oberon-07 compiler for Intel 64 (AMD64) architecture

    Modula-2 32 6 Built by @congdm
  5. Various experiments with the functionality, the module structure and the boot process of Oberon 2013

    Modula-2 30 4 Built by @andreaspirklbauer
  6. Bluebottle OS

    Modula-2 17 4 Built by @Ignat99
  7. Oberon-2 to C translator

    Modula-2 17 5 Built by @jtempl
  8. GORILLA.BAS port to CP/M in Turbo Modula-2. Supported terminals: VT52, VT100, ANSI, ADM-31, KayPro, C128, Memotech monochrome, CPC / Zenith Z19

    Modula-2 16 1 Built by @sblendorio
  9. Optimizing Oberon-2 Compiler

    Modula-2 14 2 Built by @AlexIljin @romiras @aixp
  10. Oberon-2 to C translator. It works as command line tool for Windows/Linux or as BlackBox subsystem

    Modula-2 14 3 Built by @Oleg-N-Cher
  11. Project Norebo

    Modula-2 13 6 Built by @pdewacht
  12. System building tools for the Original Oberon 2013 and Experimental Oberon operating systems

    Modula-2 11 2 Built by @andreaspirklbauer
  13. Integrated Oberon

    Modula-2 9 1 Built by @charlesap @rputbl
  14. Oberon compiler adapted from Vishap Oberon

    Modula-2 7 Built by @norayr @dcwbrown @antranigv
  15. from the star of the unborn it wings through radiance towards our heavy air

    Modula-2 7 5 Built by @harrisonpartch @invalid-email-address @Garmine
  16. Oberon-07 translator

    Modula-2 6 2 Built by @ComdivByZero @dmitrys99
  17. A reduced version of Experimental Oberon which is backward compatible with the Original Oberon operating system

    Modula-2 6 Built by @andreaspirklbauer
  18. Oberon 07 experimentation on Windows and Linux

    Modula-2 6 1 Built by @dcwbrown
  19. MOCKA Modula-2 Compiler System, originally by GMD

    Modula-2 5 Built by @trijezdci
  20. Step-by-step game written in Free Oberon

    Modula-2 5 Built by @kekcleader
  21. Port of Arkanoid game from Monkey-X to Oberon-2

    Modula-2 4 Built by @Oleg-N-Cher
  22. Modula-2 4 Built by @norayr
  23. Unofficial mirror of the Oberon Community Repository

    Modula-2 4
  24. GPM/CLR is an implementation of the historical Gardens-Point Modula-2 compiler for the .NET runtime. It provides an example of how a non-typesafe, unmanaged data compiler may be implemented on the CLR.

    Modula-2 4 1 Built by @mguntli @k-john-gough
  25. Unofficial mirror of the ETH A2 repsitory

    Modula-2 4
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