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  1. An Open Source Playstation 3 Hacking System created under the Project Artemis initiative (

    NCL 47 13 Built by @Dnawrkshp @Ryddag1
  2. WRF in containers, related code and data sets for release purposes.

    NCL 46 21 Built by @exby
  3. ESMValTool: A community diagnostic and performance metrics tool for routine evaluation of Earth system models in CMIP

    NCL 42 33 Built by @mattiarighi @bouweandela @valeriupredoi @jvegasbsc @schlunma
  4. A scripting framework for running the WRF model, mainly designed to support operational forecasts.

    NCL 34 16 Built by @hawkinszz @samwisehawkins @jepn
  5. Project repository for the CESM python based post-processing code, documentation and issues tracking.

    NCL 20 16 Built by @bertinia @olyson @sherimickelson @dabail10 @bandre-ucar
  6. My plotting subroutines write in NCAR Command Language

    NCL 10 4 Built by @blcc
  7. Scripts of learning WRF

    NCL 9 6 Built by @keenmisty
  8. Justified Automated Weather Station (JAWS) Software

    NCL 6 3 Built by @ajcse1 @czender
  9. ncl functions

    NCL 5 5 Built by @yyr
  10. NCL library for creating KML visualizations for Google Earth and Google Maps

    NCL 5 6 Built by @rpavlick
  11. All source code from working project

    NCL 5 Built by @Novarizark
  12. 《NCL数据处理与绘图实习教程》源程序库+测试数据链接

  13. NCL 4 2 Built by @CLynchy @cahartin @bpbond
  14. Scripts for retrieving and processing NOHRSC SNODAS daily binary files

    NCL 4 3 Built by @eaburakowski @NicWayand
  15. Test Repository

    NCL 4 1 Built by @lvargo13
  16. A collection of libraries for environmental analysis

    NCL 4 3 Built by @sajinh
  17. AAS4WRF is a NCL based mass-conserving emissions preprocessor designed to create WRF-Chem ready emissions files from local inventories on a lat/lon projection. Input files for testing (wrfinput_d01 and emissions.txt) can be provided separately via Dropbox.

    NCL 4 1 Built by @alvv1986 @ibarraespinosa
  18. CESM Simpler Models Configurations

    NCL 4 2 Built by @brianpm @bertinia
  19. 《NCL数据处理与绘图实习教程》

    NCL 3 1 Built by @upuil
  20. A WRF namelist parser

    NCL 3 Built by @wqshen
  21. Seft-developed function in NCL

    NCL 2 Built by @zkftyj
  22. Conversion of NetCDF LES output data to ASCII format for ECSIM

    NCL 2 Built by @igryski
  23. how view MPAS on the GRADS

    NCL 2 Built by @regisgrundig
  24. NCL 2 3 Built by @JingchaoZhang
  25. NCL scripts

    NCL 2 Built by @rwarritt
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