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  1. Generating bash command from natural language

    NewLisp 214 24 Built by @todpole3 @vickylin @Mestway @Calvin-L @fengzhangyin
  2. LSTM Neural Network that tries to write piano melodies similar to Bach's

    NewLisp 97 11 Built by @robbiebarrat
  3. Nikki and the Robots platformer game

    NewLisp 92 6 Built by @soenkehahn @changlinli @Rn84 @trofi @pabs3
  4. Matrix Algebra proGrams In Common Lisp.

    NewLisp 56 8 Built by @tarballs-are-good @joelin0 @karalekas @ecp-rigetti @ampolloreno
  5. Learning a Neural Semantic Parser with User Feedback

    NewLisp 52 12 Built by @sriniiyer
  6. End-to-End Differentiable Proving

    NewLisp 39 8 Built by @rockt
  7. Contracts written in LLL for Ethereum.

    NewLisp 24 4 Built by @androlo
  8. Exploring the original Zork source code with Graphviz and an interactive d3 map, using JavaScript and an extension of Peter Norvig's Python Lisp parser to handle MDL

    NewLisp 23 4 Built by @bburns @vjandrea
  9. various bits of code in newLISP

    NewLisp 19 7 Built by @cormullion
  10. Source code for both the newLISP on Rockets framework and the example blog running on it.

    NewLisp 13 6 Built by @newlisponrockets
  11. NewLisp 11 7 Built by @xing-hu
  12. qualitative spatio-temporal reasoning toolbox

    NewLisp 8 1 Built by @dwolter @hendrikcech @jboockmann
  13. newLISPの小物モジュール

    NewLisp 8 2 Built by @kosh04
  14. newLISP programming...

    NewLisp 8 Built by @irr
  15. Experiments on Multilingual NMT

    NewLisp 8 3
  16. A Quicklisp Docker repository based on SBCL

    NewLisp 7 5 Built by @davazp @mmontone
  17. A stoopid and funny pixel-art game - written in pure C - set in Perugia

    NewLisp 6 Built by @nardinan @illuloid
  18. The ZOT Bounded Model/Satisfiability Checker (previously hosted as

    NewLisp 6 5 Built by @mbersani @mmpourhashem @krledmno1 @bzoto
  19. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

    NewLisp 5 Built by @Byelaney
  20. A client in newlisp, meant as a base for writing bots.

    NewLisp 5 Built by @IngoHohmann
  21. NewLisp 5 Built by @guicho271828
  22. The manifest definitions for Qi, a Common Lisp package manager

    NewLisp 4 1 Built by @dunn @CodyReichert
  23. Docker with SBCL

    NewLisp 4 1 Built by @bakketun
  24. Generic database access interface for Dragonfly using Objective newLISP

    NewLisp 4 1 Built by @taoeffect
  25. DSL for HTML5

    NewLisp 3 Built by @fernandocanizo
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