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  1. Running Drupal using nginx: an idiosyncratically crafted bleeding edge configuration.

    Nginx 861 258 Built by @perusio @iryston @smoneyan @kkomelin @estum
  2. 😒 Deploy lnmp(Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP7) using docker.

    Nginx 293 135 Built by @micooz
  3. Nginx Docker image for easy hosting of static sites

    Nginx 291 82 Built by @KyleAMathews @sp90 @bfirsh @pierreozoux @tedyoung
  4. See Readme

    Nginx 244 75 Built by @maxexcloo @airtonix @joshstrange @zergin @scmx
  5. fabric-graphite is a fabric script to install Graphite and all dependencies on a debian-based host (with optional vagrant support)

    Nginx 183 29 Built by @gingerlime @bryanhelmig @scalp42 @centic9
  6. Reference architecture for deploying Nginx on ECS, both as a basic static resource server, and as a reverse proxy in front of a dynamic application server.

    Nginx 123 39 Built by @nathanpeck @jpeddicord
  7. Nginx 122 35 Built by @shanesveller @flimshaw @keithchambers
  8. Simple PHP7 Docker & Compose Environment

    Nginx 121 59 Built by @hamptonpaulk @sibprogrammer
  9. a common useful server config,including nginx,mysql,tomcat,redis

    Nginx 113 47 Built by @superhj1987
  10. Ansible scripts for bootstrapping and securing an Ubuntu server (locale, fail2ban, firewall, lock down sudo, prevent root and password login, ...)

    Nginx 103 33 Built by @rogerz @EricCrosson @zenzire
  11. An experimental docker setup for Python / Gunicorn / Nginx stack

    Nginx 102 26 Built by @pemcconnell @paddycarey
  12. A Magento Development Environment Made of Docker Containers

    Nginx 100 44 Built by @kojiromike @artttj @BetterCallJohn @zainengineer
  13. The config files and docker-compose.yml files of Dockerized ELK Stack

    Nginx 89 28 Built by @asmoker
  14. [NOT MAINTAINED] Taiga project management platform for Docker

    Nginx 88 82 Built by @htdvisser @alkimake @beevelop @jwodder @agusl88
  15. Nginx and PHP-FPM configuration for OpenCart install

    Nginx 87 42 Built by @david-rahrer
  16. Dockerfile and sample settings for Openresty/Lua development using Docker

    Nginx 83 31 Built by @torhve @gglachant
  17. Production-grade Deployment scripts for Meteor

    Nginx 79 20 Built by @ramezrafla @aadamsx
  18. Graphite + Carbon in a docker image

    Nginx 78 66 Built by @nickstenning @ankon
  19. 2014 Beijing OSC, 2015 Beijing OpenResty Con

    Nginx 78 18 Built by @timebug
  20. Docker Images to build full cabot environment

    Nginx 75 36 Built by @shoonoise @BirgerK @jevy @romankor @Yenthe666
  21. [DEPRECATED] Website repository for the Node.js project

    Nginx 73 94 Built by @fhemberger @tjfontaine @fitzage @robertkowalski @geek
  22. Dockerfile for building lightweight nginx + rtmp module for replicating streams

    Nginx 73 30 Built by @DvdGiessen @XanderXAJ
  23. Docker image for php-fpm based on alpine linux that makes it small

    Nginx 72 30 Built by @Yavin @pgilad @Lewiscowles1986 @icewind1991
  24. Minimalist Nginx image based on Alpine linux (6 MB)

    Nginx 59 37 Built by @oren
  25. A step toward a more realistic development environment.

    Nginx 58 3 Built by @ernie @deathbearbrown
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