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  1. Nim is a compiled, garbage-collected systems programming language with a design that focuses on efficiency, expressiveness, and elegance (in that order of priority).

    Nim 6,230 772 Built by @Araq @dom96 @zah @def- @gradha 6 stars today
  2. Nim cryptographic library

    Nim 24 5 Built by @cheatfate @Swader @zah @jangko @mratsim
  3. A sinatra-like web framework for Nim.

    Nim 678 67 Built by @dom96 @Araq @runvnc @FedericoCeratto @moigagoo
  4. Package manager for the Nim programming language.

    Nim 482 92 Built by @dom96 @Araq @gradha @yglukhov @samdmarshall
  5. Lightweight alternative to Discourse written in Nim

    Nim 406 29 Built by @dom96 @jyapayne @gradha @Araq @stisa
  6. GUI library

    Nim 400 39 Built by @yglukhov @Tormund @SSPkrolik @rrenderr @bogdan-voevoda
  7. A fast, ergonomic and portable tensor library in Nim with a deep learning focus for CPU, GPU and embedded devices via OpenMP, Cuda and OpenCL backends

    Nim 356 35 Built by @mratsim @edubart @narimiran @bluenote10 @metasyn
  8. IDE/Advanced text editor mainly focusing on support for the Nim programming language.

    Nim 350 38 Built by @dom96 @PhilipWitte @achesak @Araq @jovial
  9. A small kernel written in Nim

    Nim 332 26 Built by @dom96 @def- @corytodd
  10. Karax. Single page applications for Nim.

    Nim 287 27 Built by @Araq @Romchela @bluenote10 @darkmusic @alehander42
  11. A Smalltalk and Rebol inspired language implemented as an AST interpreter in Nim

    Nim 280 19 Built by @gokr @catb0t
  12. NimES: NES Emulator in Nim

    Nim 208 16 Built by @def- @dloss @hcorion
  13. Nimbus: an Ethereum 2.0 Sharding Client for Resource-Restricted Devices

    Nim 203 26 Built by @coffeepots @mratsim @yglukhov @tersec @alehander42
  14. steam_api.dll implementation for wine. Your windows games now can interact with your linux steam! (This repo mirrors

    Nim 184 5 Built by @xomachine
  15. fast BAM/CRAM depth calculation for WGS, exome, or targeted sequencing

    Nim 180 34 Built by @brentp @dwinter @wdecoster @arq5x @hyphaltip
  16. Auto-generate a Python module that wraps a Nim module.

    Nim 180 11 Built by @jboy @boydgreenfield
  17. A cross-platform 2D|3D game framework for the Nim programming language

    Nim 178 14 Built by @zacharycarter @rosshadden @FedericoCeratto @gitter-badger
  18. PyTorch - Python + Nim

    Nim 171 6 Built by @sinkingsugar @jwollen @timotheecour @gdemelo @gitter-badger
  19. LLVM-based compiler for the Nim language

    Nim 162 13 Built by @arnetheduck
  20. Cross-platform, desktop GUI toolkit written in Nim

    Nim 161 10 Built by @trustable-code @citycide @PMunch
  21. List of packages for Nimble

    Nim 157 262 Built by @dom96 @fowlmouth @achesak @Araq @juancarlospaco
  22. Nim - Python bridge

    Nim 144 8 Built by @yglukhov @LemonBoy @Vindaar @kdheepak @erhlee-bird
  23. Self-contained markdown compiler generating self-contained HTML documents

    Nim 140 11 Built by @h3rald @philip-wernersbach @schmich @ap0state
  24. Translate xv6 to nim

    Nim 134 5 Built by @ckkMicrosoft @ckkashyap @def-
  25. c2nim is a tool to translate Ansi C code to Nim. The output is human-readable Nim code that is meant to be tweaked by hand before and after the translation process.

    Nim 132 36 Built by @Araq @tmm1 @andreaferretti @dom96 @BigEpsilon
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