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  1. Unix command line utilities installer for Windows.

    NSIS 5,566 286 Built by @bmatzelle @SaqibS @oliverpool
  2. Angry IP Scanner - fast and friendly network scanner

    NSIS 1,198 346 Built by @angryziber @englishman @bob1024 @liberodark @horvist
  3. Greenshot repository, use our JIRA for none source related bugs: or look for information on:

    NSIS 1,006 201 Built by @Lakritzator @jklingen @Vistritium @wookiefriseur @a-polivanchuk
  4. SDK to build desktop apps using HTML5/CSS/JS for frontend and server script for backend

    NSIS 462 58 Built by @sihorton @IngwiePhoenix @ashishnegi @shotlom @lvbeck
  5. Swift for Windows

    NSIS 199 37 Built by @tinysun212
  6. OpenVPN Build

    NSIS 147 137 Built by @mattock @alonbl @chipitsine @selvanair @freddysdad
  7. NSIS 144 27 Built by @evshiron @alexkirsz @ernanielyjr @SpadarShut
  8. An Electron Ionic application shell for creating Web Apps, Progressive Mobile Web Apps, Native Mobile Apps and Desktop Apps.

    NSIS 123 23 Built by @paulsutherland @vicatcu @janpio
  9. Native messaging host to integrate uGet Download Manager with web browsers

    NSIS 100 11 Built by @slgobinath @lgobinath @AirQuick @johnp
  10. The official windows installer (built using NSIS) for OCaml

    NSIS 63 10 Built by @protz @msprotz @ttamttam
  11. NSIS 60 15 Built by @WinterMute @Crayon2000
  12. Electron boilerplate to help package and build installers for your application

    NSIS 58 16 Built by @vQuagliaro @TristanPouliquen
  13. Atlassian SourceTree, Portable Edition

    NSIS 51 13 Built by @cosmomill @oligu
  14. Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana Windows Installer

    NSIS 48 23 Built by @gigi81 @poibr01
  15. Automatically exported from

    NSIS 47 13 Built by @jimpark @HrantOhanyan @paulkyi @Prcuvu @vdolbakyan
  16. Windows Protec'tor is a tool to harden Windows

    NSIS 43 4 Built by @jamct
  17. Installer for cjdns on Windows

    NSIS 42 13 Built by @interfect @adamnovak @mkg20001 @rfree-d @Danielv123
  18. NSIS 38 15 Built by @develar @juncaixinchi @logidelic @yarcub @surajreddy
  19. BizHawk Prerequisite Installer

    NSIS 36 9 Built by @zeromus
  20. GnuPG for Windows

    NSIS 35 12 Built by @AndreHeinecke @dd9jn @colinleroy @jsaalfeld @emanuelschuetze
  21. A Migrational Era Mod for CK2

    NSIS 34 24 Built by @loup99 @IhateTrains @rquinio @EWattman @tannerflick4
  22. uGet Installer for Windows

    NSIS 32 1 Built by @slgobinath
  23. A C# library, a custom WinUSB driver and example project showing how to interface with the Xbox 360 Big Button Controllers (the Scene It game controllers)

    NSIS 23 2 Built by @sverrirs
  24. MPlayer for Windows (all-in-one MPlayer installer)

    NSIS 22 7 Built by @lordmulder
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