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  1. An extensible iOS and OS X animation library, useful for physics-based interactions.

    Objective-C++ 19,403 2,884 Built by @grp @b3ll @jcbertin @nlutsenko @rivera-ernesto
  2. Smooth asynchronous user interfaces for iOS apps.

    Objective-C++ 12,959 2,270 Built by @appleguy @maicki @Adlai-Holler @secretiverhyme @levi
  3. TextMate is a graphical text editor for macOS 10.10 or later

    Objective-C++ 11,816 1,740 Built by @sorbits @rdwampler @jtbandes @dusek @nanoant
  4. Objective-C for Windows

    Objective-C++ 5,917 777 Built by @DHowett-MSFT @brianker @msft-Jeyaram @rajsesh @bbowman
  5. Smooth asynchronous user interfaces for iOS apps.

    Objective-C++ 4,868 637 Built by @appleguy @maicki @Adlai-Holler @nguyenhuy @garrettmoon
  6. A React-inspired view framework for iOS.

    Objective-C++ 4,775 526 Built by @adamjernst @eczarny @kfirapps @ocrickard @Andrey-Mishanin
  7. iOS library to help detecting retain cycles in runtime.

    Objective-C++ 3,281 369 Built by @Gricha @Megra @umanwizard @agola11 @kastiglione
  8. Trace Objective-C method calls by class or instance

    Objective-C++ 1,772 140 Built by @johnno1962 @jeroenleenarts
  9. MoltenVK is an implementation of the high-performance, industry-standard Vulkan graphics and compute API, that runs on Apple's Metal graphics framework, bringing Vulkan to iOS and macOS.

    Objective-C++ 1,608 132 Built by @billhollings @cdavis5e @aerofly @danginsburg @karl-lunarg
  10. OOMDetector is a memory monitoring component for iOS which provides you with OOM monitoring, memory allocation monitoring, memory leak detection and other functions.

    Objective-C++ 1,277 175 Built by @gsdios @adonisyuan @rosen0510
  11. Easily convert your SVG files into CGPaths, CAShapeLayers, and UIBezierPaths

    Objective-C++ 1,205 167 Built by @fjolnir @arielelkin @cysp @halseth @locknic
  12. BDD-style testing using Objective-C

    Objective-C++ 1,174 152 Built by @idoru @jeffh @tjarratt @akitchen @cppforlife
  13. Easily set Mac Retina display to higher unsupported resolutions

    Objective-C++ 1,121 104 Built by @avibrazil @aryamccarthy
  14. Mac OS X GUI for Neovim

    Objective-C++ 1,060 67 Built by @rogual @kitten @jltisland @bfulkers @bulkan
  15. cross-platform BarcodeScanner for Cordova / PhoneGap

    Objective-C++ 1,037 758 Built by @wildabeast @EddyVerbruggen @macdonst @jcesarmobile @stevengill
  16. iOS library that helps tracking all allocated Objective-C objects

    Objective-C++ 922 112 Built by @Gricha @kastiglione @absolute-heike @diejmon @jdthomas
  17. Build Cordova apps with true native UI

    Objective-C++ 805 136 Built by @adnathan @frederikbosch @krik @CodeMooseUS @jmatthiesen
  18. Version 3 of OpenCVStitch. How to stitch images using OpenCV on iOS. This version demonstrates using Swift, Objective-C and C++ together in one project.

    Objective-C++ 718 88 Built by @foundry @Zi0P4tch0 @rinatkhanov @robmurrer
  19. objc runtime 750

    Objective-C++ 706 259 Built by @RetVal @NSOiO
  20. Objective-C++ 698 176
  21. Format code in Xcode 8+ with clang-format

    Objective-C++ 568 62 Built by @kkaefer @1ec5
  22. objc_msgSend hook for debugging/inspection purposes.

    Objective-C++ 416 68 Built by @DavidGoldman @uroboro
  23. Plask is a multimedia programming environment.

    Objective-C++ 413 34 Built by @deanm @notlion @vorg @pizthewiz @ertdfgcvb
  24. Simulate touch library for iOS

    Objective-C++ 412 130 Built by @iolate @radj
  25. A simple app demonstrating basic usage of the Pop animation framework.

    Objective-C++ 355 53 Built by @jeremytapity
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