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  1. Because connecting to WiFis is still an unsolved problem

    Objective-C 132 2 Built by @KrauseFx 40 stars today
  2. 我们一起来还原微信。希望通过 iWeChat 这个项目能过勾勒出微信的设计,使用到的技术手段等

    Objective-C 321 36 Built by @lefex 26 stars today
  3. Put the output from any script or program in your Mac OS X Menu Bar

    Objective-C 10,309 413 Built by @matryer @iosdeveloper @muhqu @kamenevn @mralexgray 13 stars today
  4. A data-driven UICollectionView framework for building fast and flexible lists.

    Objective-C 9,409 968 Built by @rnystrom @jessesquires @zhubofei @Sherlouk @valeriyvan 12 stars today
  5. A full-featured iOS development assistant. You deserve it.

    Objective-C 734 89 Built by @yixiangboy @wbtiger @toss156 @amoblin @yxjxx 10 stars today
  6. React Native Mapview component for iOS + Android

    Objective-C 8,653 2,628 Built by @spikebrehm @lelandrichardson @christopherdro @jrichardlai @alvelig 9 stars today
  7. A powerful and easy to use category view (segmentedcontrol, segmentview, pagingview, pagerview, pagecontrol) (腾讯新闻、今日头条、QQ音乐、网易云音乐、京东、爱奇艺、腾讯视频、淘宝、天猫、简书、微博等所有主流APP分类切换滚动视图)

    Objective-C 2,162 406 Built by @pujiaxin33 @YanPengImp 8 stars today
  8. The Expo platform for making cross-platform mobile apps

    Objective-C 4,767 412 Built by @terribleben @brentvatne @jesseruder @ide @sjchmiela 9 stars today
  9. A WebDriver server for iOS that runs inside the Simulator.

    Objective-C 3,112 650 Built by @marekcirkos @mykola-mokhnach @lawrencelomax @mmmulani @Jonahss 9 stars today
  10. Modular and customizable Material Design UI components for iOS

    Objective-C 3,017 480 Built by @jverkoey @ajsecord @randallli @ianegordon @romoore 7 stars today
  11. CPU INFOrmation library (x86/x86-64/ARM/ARM64, Linux/Windows/Android/macOS/iOS)

    Objective-C 206 53 Built by @Maratyszcza @hlu1 @KOLANICH @norahsakal 7 stars today
  12. CaptainHook Tweak、Logos Tweak and Command-line Tool、Patch iOS Apps, Without Jailbreak.

    Objective-C 2,978 528 Built by @AloneMonkey @rozbo @madordie 8 stars today
  13. Asynchronous image downloader with cache support as a UIImageView category

    Objective-C 20,864 5,324 Built by @bpoplauschi @rs @dreampiggy @mythodeia @zhongwuzw 7 stars today
  14. Staggeringly powerful OS X desktop automation with Lua

    Objective-C 4,281 248 Built by @cmsj @asmagill @lowne @latenitefilms @heptal 7 stars today
  15. A delightful networking framework for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

    Objective-C 31,819 9,708 Built by @mattt @kcharwood @SlaunchaMan @0xced @kylef 6 stars today
  16. GUI for v2ray-core on macOS

    Objective-C 1,555 261 Built by @Cenmrev @Chandler-Lu @zqmever @specter119 @nicholascw 6 stars today
  17. Support customization of any player SDK and control layer(支持定制任何播放器SDK和控制层)

    Objective-C 5,083 1,202 Built by @renzifeng @BB9z @victorchee @midea-smart @djliu328 6 stars today
  18. Codeless drop-in universal library allows to prevent issues of keyboard sliding up and cover UITextField/UITextView. Neither need to write any code nor any setup required and much more.

    Objective-C 12,489 2,003 Built by @hackiftekhar @kgn @toohotz @yurihan @andreybog 5 stars today
  19. iOS/Android image picker with support for camera, configurable compression, multiple images and cropping

    Objective-C 2,882 629 Built by @ivpusic @superandrew213 @benvium @esganzerla @fubar 5 stars today
  20. Firebase Quickstart Samples for iOS

    Objective-C 1,391 880 Built by @ulukaya @morganchen12 @ianbarber @kroikie @dpebot
  21. 🚀 Native iOS-, Android- and Windows Apps with JavaScript

    Objective-C 2,362 1,213 Built by @cb1kenobi @vishalduggal @billdawson @marshall @hansemannn
  22. Display and interact with SVG Images on iOS / OS X, using native rendering (CoreAnimation)

    Objective-C 3,312 705 Built by @adamgit @reklis @dgileadi @dreampiggy @greghe
  23. A glossy Matrix collaboration client for iOS

    Objective-C 284 137 Built by @giomfo @manuroe @ylecollen @dbkr @weblate
  24. Linphone is a free VoIP and video softphone based on the SIP protocol. Mirror of linphone-iphone (git://

    Objective-C 351 205 Built by @bagage @ReisBenjamin @ghismary @peppsac @BrieucV
  25. NSStringMask allows you to apply masks or formats to NSStrings using NSRegularExpression to input your format.

    Objective-C 239 34 Built by @fjcaetano @swilliams
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