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  1. Coq is a formal proof management system. It provides a formal language to write mathematical definitions, executable algorithms and theorems together with an environment for semi-interactive development of machine-checked proofs.

    OCaml 1,669 301 Built by @herbelin @ppedrot @maximedenes @letouzey @mattam82 5 stars today
  2. A static analyzer for Java, C, C++, and Objective-C

    OCaml 9,115 1,233 Built by @jvillard @sblackshear @jeremydubreil @jberdine @dulmarod
  3. Build valid HTML and SVG documents

    OCaml 64 32 Built by @Drup @glondu @yakobowski @hnrgrgr @chambart
  4. Dereference URIs into communication channels for Async or Lwt

    OCaml 44 50 Built by @avsm @samoht @rgrinberg @vbmithr @yomimono
  5. Adds static typing to JavaScript to improve developer productivity and code quality.

    OCaml 18,538 1,571 Built by @mroch @gabelevi @samwgoldman @avikchaudhuri @nmote
  6. Simple, fast & type safe code that leverages the JavaScript & OCaml ecosystems

    OCaml 6,962 353 Built by @chenglou @jordwalke @yunxing @IwanKaramazow @let-def
  7. A backend for the OCaml compiler which emits JavaScript.

    OCaml 4,056 282 Built by @bobzhang @evmar @nico @chenglou @glennsl
  8. A language that compiles to Bash and Windows Batch

    OCaml 3,666 174 Built by @BYVoid @mirez @kvu787 @Therzok @Nixola
  9. FUSE filesystem over Google Drive

    OCaml 2,497 177 Built by @astrada @rgrinberg @nilbot @idvoretskyi @iblech
  10. Tools for code analysis, visualizations, or style-preserving source transformation.

    OCaml 2,309 200 Built by @aryx @phooji @pikatchu @jl3931 @avikchaudhuri
  11. Performant type-checking for python.

    OCaml 2,158 79 Built by @sinancepel @dkgi @dark @shannonzhu @rvantonder
  12. The core OCaml system: compilers, runtime system, base libraries

    OCaml 2,136 502 Built by @xavierleroy @damiendoligez @alainfrisch @gasche @pierreweis
  13. Reason bindings for ReactJS

    OCaml 2,033 201 Built by @chenglou @rickyvetter @SanderSpies @cristianoc @cullophid
  14. Pack JS code fast & easy

    OCaml 1,798 35 Built by @zindel @andreypopp @TrySound @samouri @ulrikstrid
  15. MirageOS is a library operating system that constructs unikernels

    OCaml 1,209 151 Built by @avsm @samoht @yomimono @hannesm @Drup
  16. The Opa Language for Web Application Development

    OCaml 1,183 136 Built by @BourgerieQuentin @Aqua-Ye @nrs135 @arthuraa @OpaOnWindowsNow
  17. Implementations of various type systems in OCaml.

    OCaml 1,179 56 Built by @tomprimozic @hamaxx
  18. Compiler for Grain, the functional programming language. A modern web staple. 🌾

    OCaml 1,170 22 Built by @ospencer @belph @nickbreaton
  19. Context sensitive completion for OCaml in Vim and Emacs

    OCaml 986 132 Built by @let-def @trefis @asmanur @art-w @rgrinberg
  20. Irmin is a distributed database that follows the same design principles as Git

    OCaml 951 83 Built by @samoht @zshipko @talex5 @avsm @yomimono
  21. Unison file synchronizer

    OCaml 877 84 Built by @bcpierce00 @vouillon @g-raud @brabalan @beniamino38
  22. Connect processes into powerful data pipelines with a simple git-like filesystem interface

    OCaml 810 106 Built by @samoht @talex5 @djs55 @avsm @simonferquel
  23. Binary Analysis Platform

    OCaml 793 149 Built by @ivg @gitoleg @jaybosamiya @rvantonder @percontation
  24. opam is a source-based package manager. It supports multiple simultaneous compiler installations, flexible package constraints, and a Git-friendly development workflow.

    OCaml 730 229 Built by @AltGr @samoht @tuong @dra27 @rjbou
  25. Owl - OCaml Scientific and Engineering Computing @

    OCaml 687 71 Built by @ryanrhymes @jzstark @mor1 @bagmanas @kanisteri
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