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  1. Algorithmic trading with deep learning experiments

    OpenEdge ABL 891 484 Built by @Rachnog
  2. User Simulation for Task-Completion Dialogues

    OpenEdge ABL 455 175 Built by @xiul-msr @yvchen @xjli @shangyusu
  3. Political Speech Generator

    OpenEdge ABL 342 63 Built by @valentin012 @stuartpb
  4. A machine learning approach to classify songs by mood.

    OpenEdge ABL 319 84 Built by @rasbt
  5. OpenEdge ABL 254 131 Built by @nicholaslocascio @harinisuresh @yala @wengong-jin @akabraham
  6. Android L Developer Preview for Nexus 4

    OpenEdge ABL 179 46 Built by @Sykopompos @benpye @ion-storm @zyr3x @percy-g2
  7. Tensorflow Implementation of Knowledge-Guided CVAE for dialog generation ACL 2017. It is released by Tiancheng Zhao (Tony) from Dialog Research Center, LTI, CMU

    OpenEdge ABL 165 44 Built by @snakeztc @lemontyd214
  8. Siamese Recurrent Neural network with LSTM for evaluating semantic similarity between sentences.

    OpenEdge ABL 157 61 Built by @aditya1503
  9. EASE (Enhanced AI Scoring Engine) is a library that allows for machine learning based classification of textual content. This is useful for tasks such as scoring student essays.

    OpenEdge ABL 153 77 Built by @VikParuchuri @wedaly @singingwolfboy @jtauber @cpennington
  10. Deep learning API with emotion recognition application

    OpenEdge ABL 145 75 Built by @mihaelacr @Warvito
  11. Sentiment Classification using Word Sense Disambiguation

    OpenEdge ABL 142 36 Built by @kevincobain2000 @MrLokans @JediRhymeTrix
  12. Free, cross-platform library for generating 2D animations with Python programming code.

    OpenEdge ABL 141 27 Built by @tom-de-smedt @fdb @jsundram @QuLogic @Galland
  13. Python for Bioinformatics

    OpenEdge ABL 134 76 Built by @tiagoantao @knbknb @dalloliogm
  14. OpenEdge ABL 130 37 Built by @siddharth-agrawal
  15. JavaScript tools to build Blind Watchmaker style apps using Richard Dawkins' algorithms

    OpenEdge ABL 118 5 Built by @MathieuLoutre
  16. PyTorch implementation for Interpretable Dialog Generation ACL 2018, It is released by Tiancheng Zhao (Tony) from Dialog Research Center, LTI, CMU

    OpenEdge ABL 115 23 Built by @snakeztc
  17. Japanese Natural Langauge Processing Libraries

    OpenEdge ABL 107 27 Built by @kevincobain2000 @cemulate
  18. Sample implementation of a politeness model, trained on the Stanford Politeness Corpus

    OpenEdge ABL 97 22 Built by @sudhof @cristiandnm
  19. Bluetooth hacking tools

    OpenEdge ABL 91 42 Built by @0x90
  20. End-To-End Task-Completion Dialogue Challenge

    OpenEdge ABL 90 27 Built by @xiul-msr @sarahp3206 @xjli @siqims @anselmwang
  21. Photoshop 1.0 Source Code

    OpenEdge ABL 79 59 Built by @mqudsi
  22. OpenEdge ABL 78 21 Built by @aditya12agd5 @tomsherborne
  23. Sarcasm detector

    OpenEdge ABL 76 37 Built by @MathieuCliche @Niellles
  24. 855-MEOW-JAM

    OpenEdge ABL 69 5 Built by @jpf @joelfranusic-okta @janosorcsik
  25. text preprocess, word2vec, sentence2vec, text classification (includes sentiment analysis), Chinese word segmentation, Hidden Markov Model, CRFs, named entity recognition, knowledge graph, dialog system, machine reading comprehension, pretraining language model (i.e., BERT, ELMo, GPT)

    OpenEdge ABL 63 25 Built by @gaoisbest
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