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  1. Parameterized ergonomic keyboard

    OpenSCAD 1,136 208 Built by @adereth @ErinCall @joedevivo @dfc @mathias
  2. Original Prusa i3 MK2 3D printer printed parts

    OpenSCAD 698 393 Built by @akukan @michalprusa @josefprusa @veverkaondrej
  3. Prusa iteration3

    OpenSCAD 670 539 Built by @AxTheB @jglauche @alranel @edef1c @kliment
  4. Official FOSSCAD Library Repository

    OpenSCAD 416 362 Built by @maduce @forkoz @vxbinaca
  5. Mini Kossel portable delta robot 3D printer.

    OpenSCAD 413 299 Built by @jcrocholl @kastner
  6. The world's most 3D printable 3D printer. (Guinness Book of World Records 2017 & 2018)

    OpenSCAD 311 105 Built by @revarbat @gitter-badger
  7. Mobile device automation robot

    OpenSCAD 280 82 Built by @hugs @chilliams @kastner @rwaldron @mmerrell
  8. Schematic symbols and PCB footprints for ESP8266 modules

    OpenSCAD 257 75 Built by @jdunmire @TurBoss @robinolejnik @slegge @i-make-robots
  9. Prusa3 vanilla

    OpenSCAD 251 185 Built by @sjkelly @josefprusa
  10. A RepRap Mendel variant using sheets for the frame instead of rods

    OpenSCAD 233 238 Built by @nophead @brad @dacarley @sevikkk @jonathanwood
  11. OpenSCAD Parametric CAD Library (LGPL 2.1)

    OpenSCAD 183 219 Built by @elmom @kintel @timschmidt @hyperair @rockstorm101
  12. DIY bullet time effect

    OpenSCAD 157 31 Built by @nicovuignier @fbeauverd
  13. Sumobot Jr. is an open source sumo design for Nodebots Day sumo competitions and similar

    OpenSCAD 142 83 Built by @makenai @noopkat @lynnaloo @Resseguie @troy0820
  14. Aluminum extrusion conversion for the Original Prusa i3 MK2

    OpenSCAD 137 56 Built by @jtktam @JohnOCFII @rob5standingby @dino340 @SkyDriver2k4
  15. A 3D printable microscope and translation stage

    OpenSCAD 115 32 Built by @rwb27 @GraceAnyelwisye @sctv @julianstirling @paulnyakyi
  16. A OpenSCAD library that allows for simple creation of nuts and bolts and respective nut catches and screw holes

    OpenSCAD 106 20 Built by @JohK @qwazix
  17. PCB files for ZeroPhone - for gerbers and schematics, go to "Releases" tab!

    OpenSCAD 105 7 Built by @CRImier @dwaq @jaromir-sukuba
  18. Dwarven forge compatible gaming tiles

    OpenSCAD 104 29 Built by @devonjones
  19. DIY 3D Printer derived from RepRap Prusa i3

    OpenSCAD 104 106 Built by @Obijuan @Jesus89 @PedroDeOro @antonioCastro @ivan-galvez
  20. Espruino and Puck.js Board Schematics

    OpenSCAD 104 40 Built by @gfwilliams @olliephillips
  21. repository for keys and key accessories

    OpenSCAD 103 35 Built by @baburgess @ewust
  22. Utility libraries for OpenSCAD

    OpenSCAD 102 28 Built by @OskarLinde
  23. ESP8266-based smart wall switch

    OpenSCAD 98 28 Built by @xoseperez @cadlab-io
  24. RepRAP Morgan scad source repository

    OpenSCAD 87 35 Built by @qharley
  25. Obijuan openscad tools

    OpenSCAD 81 14 Built by @Obijuan @CarlosGS @jakobwenzel @justbuchanan @SparkyCola
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