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  1. P4_16 prototype compiler

    P4 156 97 Built by @mbudiu-vmw @ChrisDodd @sethfowler @mbudiu-bfn @cc10512
  2. Guide to p4lang repositories and some other public info about P4

    P4 83 16 Built by @jafingerhut @edgar-costa
  3. My Testbed/Tutorials/Researching work on P4.

    P4 25 2 Built by @kevinbird61 @yungshenglu
  4. P4 Applications WG repo

    P4 24 11 Built by @mhira1 @jklr @mickeyspiegel @heidinet @rsivakolundu
  5. The Programmer Guide of the P4 Language.

    P4 18 5 Built by @Wasdns @ZCplayground
  6. P4-LLVM is an LLVM based compiler for P4

    P4 16 1 Built by @ChrisDodd @mbudiu-vmw @sethfowler @mbudiu-bfn @cc10512
  7. Proto-typing SRv6 functions with P4 lang.

    P4 13 Built by @ebiken
  8. Various P4 tools, programs and scripts to allow developers try the P4 experimental features in ONOS

    P4 12 5 Built by @ccascone
  9. p4_r2r: P4 Ready To Run --rapid prototyping of P4 programs using Barefoot's p4app tool

    P4 8 1 Built by @anshuman23
  10. The code runs on the netronome smart card to filtering PPPoE and PPP control plane packet send to vbras and Decap\Encap data plane packet PPPoE header.

    P4 8 2 Built by @chinatelecom-sdn-group
  11. DAIET performs data aggregation along network paths using programmable network devices

    P4 8 4 Built by @AmedeoSapio @ibrahimabdelaziz
  12. Cloud-based DoS protection (a PoC implementation in P4)

    P4 6 2 Built by @hiwang123
  13. P4 6 Built by @HvR-Netronome
  14. Repo to store misc P4 test programs.

    P4 6 Built by @ebiken
  15. This is a repository for p4 research

    P4 5 3 Built by @kongxiao0532 @LamperougeWang @zhangmenghao @constipur @aos17-2016310618
  16. ClickP4: Towards Modular Programming of P4

    P4 5 1 Built by @zy-sdn @ccczzzf
  17. P4 5 1 Built by @wuxb09
  18. Collected experimental color data.

    P4 5 1 Built by @nschloe @KelSolaar
  19. HyperV: High-Performance Virtualization of the Programmable Data Plane

    P4 5 4 Built by @aos17-2016310618 @zy-sdn
  20. DDoS Mitigation system based on P4 programmable switches

    P4 5 Built by @bakkarol
  21. Some sample P4 programs and notes

    P4 5 4 Built by @jafingerhut
  22. Formal Semantics of P4 in K

    P4 5 1 Built by @kheradmand
  23. P4 4 2 Built by @HvR-Netronome @Netroman
  24. block.p4: Using P4 to realize P4-based NFs

    P4 4 4 Built by @Wasdns
  25. P4 Code Examples

    P4 3 2 Built by @jsonch
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