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  1. Campfire is a feature-rich camping system for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

    Papyrus 53 9 Built by @chesko256
  2. Papyrus 30 9 Built by @fireundubh
  3. A Papyrus unit test framework for Skyrim.

    Papyrus 20 1 Built by @chesko256 @dpdotjs
  4. Redesign of the FO4 Workshop Scripts

    Papyrus 18 Built by @kinggath
  5. Devious Devices - Integration

    Papyrus 16 22 Built by @MinLL @TheKimy @TwilekQueen @pathofeternity @Coopervane
  6. SDPlus

    Papyrus 14 7 Built by @SkyrimLL @MinLL @silentdark
  7. Skyrim mod that allows characters to be shared between different playthroughs.

    Papyrus 14 5 Built by @Verteiron @waffle-iron
  8. Fallout 4 Mod "SpawnEngine" aka "Spawns of the Commonwealth" by SMB92

    Papyrus 12 1 Built by @SMB92
  9. Devious Devices - Expansion

    Papyrus 11 17 Built by @TheKimy @Coopervane @TwilekQueen @MinLL @t3h0th3rLL
  10. Material extra

    Papyrus 10 5 Built by @alvarezleonardo
  11. Arissa is an Imperial with an independent, rebellious spirit and has a gift for making expensive things disappear.

    Papyrus 10 Built by @chesko256
  12. Devous Devices - Assets

    Papyrus 10 6 Built by @Coopervane @TwilekQueen @TheKimy @ZadilLL @MinLL
  13. Treats workshop mode like photoshop. Giving you undo buttons, layers, and more tools!

    Papyrus 10 Built by @kinggath
  14. A Papyrus unit test framework for Fallout 4.

    Papyrus 9 1 Built by @chesko256
  15. Papyrus 8 16 Built by @fireundubh
  16. Personal compilation of Skyrim mods created for LL.

    Papyrus 8 7 Built by @SkyrimLL @llkain
  17. Real, programmable RISC-V computers for your settlements in Fallout 4.

    Papyrus 8 Built by @cadpnq
  18. Skyrim Capacity Vore

    Papyrus 6 Built by @Vicyntae
  19. Repositorio para el curso 111mil

    Papyrus 6 1 Built by @claudioaltamiranda @main-2017
  20. Prediction of beta-strand pairing from direct coupling patterns

    Papyrus 6 1 Built by @jessica-andreani @fsimkovic @sseemayer @croth1
  21. Python script to build WikiMedia pages for Fallout 4 Papyrus.

    Papyrus 5 Built by @shad0wshayd3
  22. Campsite - Simple Camping for Fallout 4

    Papyrus 5 Built by @fadingsignal
  23. Adds a craftable, wearable Travel Lantern that can be hooked onto your belt or held in your hand!

    Papyrus 5 1 Built by @chesko256
  24. Papyrus 5 2 Built by @expired6978
  25. Intelligent Snap Points (ISP) is a pure Papyrus library which adds two new events to settlement items: OnSnapped and OnUnsnapped.

    Papyrus 5 1 Built by @cadpnq @tim-timman
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