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  1. cloc counts blank lines, comment lines, and physical lines of source code in many programming languages.

    Perl 6,106 417 Built by @AlDanial @stsnel @jolkdarr @MichaelDimmitt @jwilk 5 stars today
  2. Main repository for munin master / node / plugins

    Perl 1,257 366 Built by @steveschnepp @jomono @ssm @sumpfralle @chteuchteu
  3. Perl library to connect to the Stripe API

    Perl 29 32 Built by @rustyconover @lukec @andrewsolomon @NacreData @sherrardb
  4. This is mySociety's popular map-based reporting platform: easy to install in new countries and regions

    Perl 371 188 Built by @dracos @struan @davea @davewhiteland @evdb
  5. The book documenting the curl project, the curl tool, libcurl and everything related to this.

    Perl 357 83 Built by @bagder @dfandrich @bookofportals @alawvt @ceh
  6. A tool for the spatial analysis of diversity

    Perl 30 10 Built by @shawnlaffan @LukedFitzpatrick @jmumbulla @andersonku @kspice
  7. Good-lookin' diffs. Actually… nah… The best-lookin' diffs. 🎉

    Perl 11,218 227 Built by @scottchiefbaker @stevemao @paulirish @bdossantos @xixixao
  8. Hosting git repositories -- Gitolite allows you to setup git hosting on a central server, with very fine-grained access control and many (many!) more powerful features.

    Perl 7,295 940 Built by @sitaramc @robbat2 @milki @skoslowski @fanf2
  9. Stack trace visualizer

    Perl 6,941 801 Built by @brendangregg @timbunce @Saruspete @randomstuff @skarcha
  10. MySQLTuner is a script written in Perl that will assist you with your MySQL configuration and make recommendations for increased performance and stability.

    Perl 4,773 816 Built by @jmrenouard @major @cloos @dvdknaap @jsoref
  11. A simple static site generator for photoessays

    Perl 4,001 228 Built by @bmtm @hutcheon @arktype @bradp @csabapalfi
  12. Decrypted content of eqgrp-auction-file.tar.xz

    Perl 3,490 2,090 Built by @x0rz @inso- @attritionorg @joxeankoret @Shifterovich
  13. SICP PDF with Texinfo and LaTeX source

    Perl 3,226 397 Built by @sarabander @bwignall @hmemcpy @tcfuji @alanyee
  14. Nikto web server scanner

    Perl 2,653 450 Built by @sullo @tautology0 @opt9 @pvdl @wireghoul
  15. Nginx Tutorials

    Perl 2,144 378 Built by @agentzh @kaiwu @kindy @robbyt @studdugie
  16. A minimal dark Theme for Sublime Text 2 and 3

    Perl 2,077 137 Built by @YabataDesign @kavu @vikjam @nugged @bstrahija
  17. Mojolicious - Perl real-time web framework

    Perl 2,062 485 Built by @kraih @jberger @marcusramberg @amenonsen @vti
  18. rc file (dotfile) management

    Perl 1,965 90 Built by @mike-burns @Frost @mxie @alanyee @srstevenson
  19. A multi-language port of Browserscope's user agent parser.

    Perl 1,951 527 Built by @dmolsen @tobie @lstrojny @elsigh @bluesmoon
  20. 【重要通知:WebQQ将在2019年1月1日停止服务,此项目目前已停止维护,感谢大家四年来的一路陪伴】使用Perl语言(不会没关系)编写的smartqq/webqq客户端框架(非GUI),可通过插件提供基于HTTP协议的api接口供其他语言或系统调用

    Perl 1,843 367 Built by @sjdy521 @bollwarm @heipidage @tusooa @HubertZhang
  21. Perl 1,673 577 Built by @BG2BKK @lzyzsd @20100507 @Michael2008S
  22. Sane database change management

    Perl 1,573 138 Built by @theory @stefansbv @fluca1978 @tsibley @jwarlander
  23. A fast PostgreSQL Log Analyzer

    Perl 1,482 179 Built by @darold @bersace @dalibot @eulerto @julmon
  24. OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set (CRS) Project (Official Repository)

    Perl 1,474 484 Built by @lifeforms @dune73 @csanders-git @spartantri @emphazer
  25. ack 2.0 is a greplike tool optimized for programmers searching large heterogeneous trees of source code.

    Perl 1,411 146 Built by @hoelzro @petdance @mmcclimon @madsen @wchristian
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