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  1. PicoLisp is an open source Lisp dialect. It runs on Linux and other POSIX-compliant systems. Its most prominent features are simplicity and minimalism.

    PicoLisp 74 4 Built by @mmamkin
  2. Very fast and tiny 64-bit Lisp interpreter: object-oriented, dynamic and functional. Comes with a database, prolog-engine, coroutines, namespaces and native function calls. This github is used to build the Arch Linux AUR package.

    PicoLisp 31 3
  3. Unit Testing framework for PicoLisp

    PicoLisp 14 3 Built by @aw
  4. Nanomsg FFI Bindings for PicoLisp

    PicoLisp 13 2 Built by @aw
  5. Langage et environnements dédiés à l’algorithmique.

    PicoLisp 12 3 Built by @Grahack
  6. JSK demo programs

    PicoLisp 10 48 Built by @garaemon @k-okada @mmurooka @orikuma @YuOhara
  7. HTTP(S) client for PicoLisp

    PicoLisp 9 1 Built by @aw
  8. A work-in-progress repository for a midipix port of picoLisp to win x64

    PicoLisp 6 Built by @joebo
  9. PicoLisp 5 Built by @erdg
  10. A PicoLisp Docker Image

    PicoLisp 4 Built by @turbopape
  11. Floating point math library for 64 bit PicoLisp

    PicoLisp 4 Built by @gleetbone
  12. bcrypt hashing for PicoLisp using native FFI

    PicoLisp 3 1 Built by @aw
  13. PicoLisp 3 Built by @joebo
  14. [WIP] PicoLisp REST API

    PicoLisp 3 1 Built by @aw
  15. Tiny pil scripts.

    PicoLisp 2 Built by @cess11
  16. Simple Internet Chat in PicoLisp

    PicoLisp 2 Built by @nihirash
  17. OSINT framework in picolisp.

    PicoLisp 2 Built by @cess11
  18. Task-manager with functionality prioritised over eye-candy, implemented in picolisp.

    PicoLisp 2 Built by @rowanthorpe
  19. Concatenate PicoLisp reference and tutorial files into one file

    PicoLisp 2
  20. A rudimentary Forth written in PicoLisp

    PicoLisp 2
  21. PicoLisp AWS CLI tool using OpenSSL and Curl

    PicoLisp 2 Built by @aw
  22. PilOS - A Stand-Alone Operating System

    PicoLisp 2 Built by @uriel
  23. PicoLisp 1 48 Built by @garaemon @k-okada @mmurooka @orikuma @YuOhara
  24. Jidoteki Admin REST API

    PicoLisp 1 2 Built by @aw @patrixl
  25. Automatically exported from

    PicoLisp 1 Built by @grpala @iromero91
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