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  1. A customizable recommendation engine for Hadoop and Pig by Mortar Data.

    PigLatin 817 109 Built by @redcat9 @jeremykarn @chrisngan24 @ddaniels888 @mbrio
  2. Mortar Project with examples for several different public data sets and data types/formats

    PigLatin 45 36 Built by @jspacker @ddaniels888 @jeremykarn @MarkRoddy @redcat9
  3. Docker files for the example code in Big Data for Chimps

    PigLatin 19 11 Built by @rjurney
  4. HDP Certified Developer (HDPCD) Exam

    PigLatin 18 37 Built by @rashidaligee
  5. Tools to analyze web archives

    PigLatin 18 9 Built by @vinaygoel @vinaygo
  6. Hands-On Big Data workshop materials

    PigLatin 10 8 Built by @ryandata
  7. Projects from my Hadoop training sessions

    PigLatin 8 40 Built by @okmich
  8. Hortonworks Data Platform Retail Analytics Demo

    PigLatin 7 9 Built by @zoharsan
  9. CS6301 - Big data - Assignment III Pig Latin, Hive & UDFs

    PigLatin 7 2 Built by @bharath-rajakumar
  10. PigLatin 7 Built by @cstathis
  11. This repository contains all the documents related to HDPCD certification.

    PigLatin 6 8 Built by @milindjagre
  12. various data mining algorithms

    PigLatin 6 2 Built by @yaojingguo
  13. Simple demo to show how you can leverage geohashs to do quick bounding box queries via Apache Phoenix.

    PigLatin 6 1 Built by @brandonswilson
  14. A sample tutorial on HDP and MongoDB integration using Ambari, Spark, Hive and Pig

    PigLatin 6 8
  15. Data File Format Benchmark

    PigLatin 5 4 Built by @t-ivanov @npoggi @alejandromontero
  16. PigLatin 5 12 Built by @rfraposa @gsantoro @mikebin
  17. PigLatin 5 1 Built by @lestermartin
  18. PigLatin 5 2 Built by @lestermartin
  19. This project uses big data technique like hadoop, storm, hive, pig, hbase to the system.

    PigLatin 5 1 Built by @xiaomaogy
  20. Adatlabor BigData anyagok

    PigLatin 4 2 Built by @zoltanctoth
  21. A few hadoop projects to teach myself

    PigLatin 4 9
  22. Using Hadoop MapReduce, Pig to generate reports using crawled data from multiple dark net markets and forums.

    PigLatin 4 Built by @1krutarth
  23. Example Pig Script for blog post on

    PigLatin 3 4 Built by @tmhenson
  24. PigLatin 3 4 Built by @ivukotic @ptrlv @stefanlance
  25. Big Data Analysis on Million Song Dataset

    PigLatin 3 1 Built by @ys2843 @JamesG3 @zhastdoit
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