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  1. Oracle PL/SQL Utility Library

    PLSQL 389 178 Built by @mortenbra @datRedHeadedGuy @mjhasbach @kdaemonv @TimNanos
  2. MariaDB Embedded in Java JAR

    PLSQL 343 79 Built by @vorburger @dependabot-bot @mseaton @cortiz @osimola
  3. Ultimate PL/SQL Unit Testing Framework for Oracle

    PLSQL 251 95 Built by @jgebal @Pazus @lwasylow @viniciusam @pesse
  4. PL/JSON is a generic JSON object written in PL/SQL. Using PL/SQL object syntax, users instantiate a JSON object and then add members, arrays and additional JSON objects. This object type can store JSON data, in Oracle, persistently.

    PLSQL 246 109 Built by @dsnz @jsumners @boriborm @lolekthegreat @SigmaEpsilon
  5. Tanel Poder's Troubleshooting & Performance Tools for Oracle databases

    PLSQL 210 71 Built by @tanelpoder
  6. Logger is used by Oracle developers to instrument their PL/SQL code

    PLSQL 195 98 Built by @martindsouza @tmuth @alexnuijten @iancarpenter @shakerlxxv
  7. 🏡 Arquivos contendo o código IBGE, Nome do Município, Código UF, UF, Estado, Latitude e Longitude das cidades brasileiras

    PLSQL 168 87 Built by @kelvins @tranv94 @helysousa @jonathancbarros @Julibazzi
  8. PLSQL 149 121 Built by @nantas @adamsay @xunyi0 @jareguo @umbrellaPP
  9. Generate SQL MERGE statements with Table data

    PLSQL 139 69 Built by @readyroll @nathfy @gmcve @cfbarbero @DogAndDuck
  10. Códigos (Región, Provincia, Comuna) Chile

    PLSQL 120 47 Built by @dalacost @knxroot @Aterbonus @felipelavinz @djuretic
  11. 글자로 놀자! 끄투 온라인

    PLSQL 117 100 Built by @JJoriping @small-sunshines @horyu1234 @hatty163 @kjsman
  12. Common PL/SQL utility scripts

    PLSQL 110 47 Built by @martindsouza @janihur @zhudock @fuzziebrain @tschf
  13. Columnstore Indexes Scripts Library

    PLSQL 109 31 Built by @NikoNeugebauer @ktaranov @matt40k @JocaPC
  14. NO LONGER MAINTAINED. Code samples for Oracle's analytical SQL features

    PLSQL 104 60 Built by @KeithLaker
  15. Temario, apuntes y ejercicios para el módulo de Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Web (DAW)

    PLSQL 93 50 Built by @statickidz
  16. DayZ Private Server by Pwnoz0r

    PLSQL 87 134 Built by @Pwnoz0r @rajkosto
  17. Oracle XE & APEX build script along with images for popular cloud platforms

    PLSQL 86 30 Built by @martindsouza @tschf @fuzziebrain @rangerzzoxz @dgielis
  18. PLSQL 76 49 Built by @TexanInParis @bclothier @DJSteele @richardbroersma
  19. web-based analysis tool for rare disease genomics

    PLSQL 74 28 Built by @bw2 @hanars @harindra-a @brettpthomas @evalkanas
  20. Vertica Kit

    PLSQL 66 29 Built by @NorbertKrupa @nchammas
  21. Demo website built with the Themosis framework.

    PLSQL 59 24 Built by @jlambe
  22. SQLd360 repository

    PLSQL 49 23 Built by @mauropagano
  23. A set of queries useful to easily extract monitoring and package performance data from SSISDB database

    PLSQL 47 29 Built by @yorek @Seddryck
  24. A listing of free internet radio streams, for use in music-oriented projects

    PLSQL 47 19 Built by @jprjr @jeppeskovbakke @wga22
  25. ASH and related queries

    PLSQL 45 41 Built by @khailey @TimNanos @jkstill @Marcel-Jan @johnthomas22
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