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  1. Source Han Code JP | 源ノ角ゴシック Code

    PostScript 1,050 44 Built by @hatchzo @mashabow @ykzts @nanakira @suzupic
  2. Source code to

    PostScript 971 453 Built by @timgraham @jezdez @jacobian @olasitarska @aaugustin
  3. Artwork for Science Hack Days and Projects

    PostScript 765 1 Built by @mariobehling
  4. A community logo for JS

    PostScript 710 156 Built by @voodootikigod @gaboesquivel @coolaj86 @luk- @73rhodes
  5. Code examples and exercise solutions from Think Python by Allen Downey, published by O'Reilly Media.

    PostScript 506 458 Built by @AllenDowney @wogsland
  6. Thang Luong's thesis on Neural Machine Translation

    PostScript 360 93 Built by @lmthang
  7. ▶️ Extra glyphs for your powerline separators

    PostScript 341 26 Built by @ryanoasis
  8. This project has been archived and is no longer maintained

    PostScript 264 43 Built by @MagerValp @gregneagle @chilcote
  9. Uma coleção de adesivos para desenvolvedores.

    PostScript 258 88 Built by @guiassemany @LFeh @vitorbritto @thulioph @raphaelfabeni
  10. PostScript 204 36 Built by @dwincort @paulhudak @donya @santolucito @lfairy
  11. 80 social media icons (sketch, eps, png, etc.)

    PostScript 200 56 Built by @konsav
  12. A tiny ARM microprocessor which fits in your USB port.

    PostScript 196 22 Built by @mithro @xobs @kasbah @kitlith @flummer
  13. Vector based social icons made with Sketch App for mac

    PostScript 196 43 Built by @neilorangepeel @rafaelconde
  14. Barcode Writer in Pure PostScript

    PostScript 194 37 Built by @terryburton @chhitz @glensc @metafloor
  15. The website.

    PostScript 187 114 Built by @felixge @andrew @rmehner @tim-kos @mrnugget
  16. Population genetics notes

    PostScript 186 36 Built by @cooplab @vsbuffalo @ecalfee @jjberg2 @jsigao
  17. PostScript 182 30 Built by @swarnaHub @harrysethi @sangnie
  18. The main LDP repository, waiting for your Pull Requests

    PostScript 169 73 Built by @martin-a-brown @jasonleschnik @ser @tjaensch @pbiering
  19. Axiom is a free, open source computer algebra system

    PostScript 156 28 Built by @daly @invalid-email-address
  20. Simple Laser Direct Lithography / Laser Direct Imaging for PCB manufacturing

    PostScript 146 20 Built by @hzeller @thatch
  21. Gesty is a set of vector gesture icons.

    PostScript 144 17 Built by @mariuszostrowski
  22. Adobe Blank

    PostScript 135 11 Built by @kenlunde
  23. In-browser Eye Tracking and Gaze Prediction using JavaScript

    PostScript 132 41 Built by @wallarelvo
  24. OCaml graph library

    PostScript 119 38 Built by @backtracking @signoles @yutopio @yakobowski @c-cube
  25. A library of WeBWorK problem contributed by the OpenWeBWorK community

    PostScript 117 235 Built by @jwj61 @paultpearson @gajennings @nandorsieben @glarose
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