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  1. Gerneral Circulation Models Planet Simulator (PlaSim) and PUMA

    PowerBuilder 24 12 Built by @Edilbert @HartmutBorth @franklunkeit
  2. Open Source PowerBuilder Foundation Class Libraries

    PowerBuilder 9 3
  3. The open source PowerBuilder Foundation Class libraries for Appeon PowerBuilder 2017

    PowerBuilder 8 13 Built by @kberghall @bruce-armstrong @TABUllrich
  4. Powerbuilder PCRE regex extension

    PowerBuilder 7 6 Built by @sebkirche @xlat
  5. Powerbuilder list and vector extensions

    PowerBuilder 5 5 Built by @sebkirche @xlat
  6. Update Your PowerBuilder GUI

    PowerBuilder 2 2
  7. PowerBuilder 2 Built by @domangep
  8. powerBuilder

    PowerBuilder 1 1 Built by @josealcivar
  9. A prototype General Circulation Model developed at Peking University

    PowerBuilder 1 1 Built by @wensir365
  10. PowerBuilder Sample code for the PBNISMTP extension

    PowerBuilder 1 Built by @bruce-armstrong
  11. analegys-clientes

    PowerBuilder 1 Built by @judgejrc
  12. Library extends from PbUnit for DevOps with PowerBuilder, adds some functionalitics for functional test, integration test and results in xml format, that can be read from jenkins

    PowerBuilder 1 Built by @DevOpsCeibaPb
  13. PowerBuilder 1 Built by @judgejrc
  14. PowerBuilder 1 Built by @nagateja98
  15. Proyecto analegys

    PowerBuilder 1 Built by @judgejrc
  16. Proyecto del SYGA

    PowerBuilder 1 Built by @judgejrc
  17. PowerBuilder 1 3 Built by @MinhUchiha @hminhduc @anhmt @huntojkojqw01
  18. 身份证验证查询及生成工具(PowerBuilder版)

    PowerBuilder 6 Built by @dohkoos
  19. track and field management software

    PowerBuilder Built by @Gaurab6003
  20. PowerBuilder Built by @Gaurab6003
  21. PowerBuilder Symbolic Constant Manager

    PowerBuilder Built by @patrice-domange @domangep
  22. JaeWoo Application Development

    PowerBuilder Built by @no1rain
  23. test

    PowerBuilder Built by @dummy-test @chunky-garg
  24. PowerBuilder
  25. A tetris game with 3 types of pieces

    PowerBuilder 2
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