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  1. Open source documentation of Microsoft Azure

    PowerShell 1,500 5,472 Built by @tysonn @v-alje @Ja-Dunn @GitHubber17 @v-anpasi 17 stars today
  2. Technical documentation for Microsoft SQL Server, tools such as SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) , SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) etc.

    PowerShell 158 848 Built by @MikeRayMSFT @v-thepet @rothja @craigg-msft @v-alje
  3. This repository contains .NET Documentation.

    PowerShell 1,373 2,801 Built by @mairaw @rpetrusha @BillWagner @stevehoag @pkulikov
  4. Place to store our documentation, code samples, etc for public consumption.

    PowerShell 846 743 Built by @scooley @neilpeterson @cynthn @cwatson-cat @mebersol
  5. This is used for contributions to the Windows 10 content for IT professionals on

    PowerShell 492 613 Built by @eross-msft @mjcaparas @jdeckerms @brianlic-msft @Justinha
  6. A repository of step templates and other community-contributed extensions to Octopus Deploy

    PowerShell 135 401 Built by @hnrkndrssn @nblumhardt @pawelpabich @twerthi @timhunt303
  7. This module contains DSC resources for deployment and configuration of SQL Server.

    PowerShell 175 153 Built by @johlju @Arturas-K @luigilink @aultt @kwirkykat
  8. Documentation for the Microsoft Graph REST API

    PowerShell 304 493 Built by @Lauragra @angelgolfer-ms @PatAltimore @lleonard-msft @nkramer
  9. The official Windows Driver Kit documentation sources

    PowerShell 182 278 Built by @tedhudek @DOMARS @duncanmacmichael @barrygolden @aahill
  10. SharePoint Developer Documentation

    PowerShell 622 412 Built by @VesaJuvonen @davidchesnut @jansenbe @Lauragra @chakkaradeep
  11. Public content repository for Windows Server 2016 content.

    PowerShell 391 502 Built by @lizap @jamesmci @JasonGerend @shortpatti @billmath
  12. Documentation repo for NuGet

    PowerShell 34 228 Built by @kraigb @anangaur @karann-msft @nkolev92 @jgerardc
  13. examples, best practices for k8s volumes on azure, AKS, acs-engine, helm, etc.

    PowerShell 45 9 Built by @andyzhangx
  14. The official PowerShell documentation sources

    PowerShell 464 667 Built by @HemantMahawar @juanpablojofre @jpjsm @matt9ucci @kiazhi
  15. DomainPasswordSpray is a tool written in PowerShell to perform a password spray attack against users of a domain. By default it will automatically generate the userlist from the domain. BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO LOCKOUT ACCOUNTS!

    PowerShell 218 68 Built by @dafthack @fullmetalcache
  16. PowerShell 37 13 Built by @OpenLocalizationService @olprod @ishasahni1 @saldana @OpenLocalizationTest
  17. PowerShell 308 242 Built by @kmruddy @praveenmathamsetty @alanrenouf @lamw @Magneet
  18. PowerShell module for daily administrative tasks and general helper functions

    PowerShell 28 12 Built by @nyanhp @raandree
  19. Documentation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Dynamics 365 for Retail, and Dynamics 365 for Talent

    PowerShell 25 118 Built by @MargoC @sericks007 @ShylaThompson @tonyafehr @YuyuScheller
  20. Configuration Manager documentation public repo

    PowerShell 111 225 Built by @Brenduns @dougeby @aczechowski @mtillman @Taojunshen
  21. Documentation for ASP.NET Core (zh-cn)

    PowerShell 74 87 Built by @olprod @v-radelg @v-maudel @gosali @sheng-jie
  22. Xamarin Documentation - public content repo

    PowerShell 61 223 Built by @conceptdev @mgmclemore @davidbritch @topgenorth @charlespetzold
  23. Just Enough Administration

    PowerShell 138 26 Built by @rpsqrd @anwather @commonsensesoftware @LeeHolmes @alexandair
  24. SharePoint Server, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business documentation

    PowerShell 65 85 Built by @JoanneHendrickson @MikePlumleyMSFT @bentoncity @kaarins @Techwriter40
  25. chocolateynuget packages published on

    PowerShell 25 77 Built by @dtgm @gep13 @RedBaron2 @jberezanski @Gedankenleser
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