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  1. A port of the Processing visualization language to JavaScript.

    Processing 2,844 774 Built by @jbuck @corbanbrook @Pomax @annasob @notmasteryet
  2. Repository for example code from The Nature of Code book

    Processing 1,597 690 Built by @shiffman @javl @owenroberts @hysysk @abhikpal
  3. Arduino driver for nRF24L01

    Processing 770 677 Built by @maniacbug @gcopeland
  4. Processing scripts used to generative glitch / art / design

    Processing 477 139 Built by @tsulej @philhudson91
  5. Using the genetic algorithm and neural networks I trained up 5 snakes who will then fuse to become the ultimate snake, this is how I did it

    Processing 474 130 Built by @Code-Bullet
  6. A repo for examples from the book Learning Processing

    Processing 338 187 Built by @shiffman @multimentha @ghufransyed @ybakos @benswift
  7. All my sketches of Processing, images, gif, videogames, shaders, experiments, tools, works, interactive...

    Processing 295 27 Built by @manoloide
  8. Processing script to sort portions of pixels in an image.

    Processing 295 81 Built by @kimasendorf @doubeka @mikedotalmond @substatica
  9. A processing sketch for rendering location and activity data from the Moves iPhone or Android app.

    Processing 274 75 Built by @feltron @yonoleo @enzet @rcarlsen
  10. A set of experiments in pixel sorting using Processing

    Processing 264 52 Built by @jeffThompson
  11. A repository of Processing examples for ITP fall workshop about face detection, recognition, and miscellaneous tracking methods.

    Processing 252 71 Built by @shiffman
  12. Processing 239 74 Built by @Code-Bullet
  13. 26 code examples for my Generative Typography with Processing tutorial on

    Processing 217 45 Built by @AmnonOwed @hysysk
  14. Processing JBox2D helper library and examples

    Processing 214 58 Built by @shiffman
  15. Code package of the book Generative Design for Processing 2.x

    Processing 210 148 Built by @bohnacker @b-g @birdm4n @julialaub
  16. Code package of the book Generative Design for Processing 3.x

    Processing 209 177 Built by @bohnacker @b-g @escline @arekrataj
  17. tools for "Subete ga F ni naru" Ending

    Processing 177 6 Built by @baku89 @TwelveNights @lu-zero
  18. Processing 163 70 Built by @kidswong999
  19. Software that can create stipple drawings and “TSP art,” from image files

    Processing 155 23 Built by @oskay @don-smith @scruss
  20. Processing 155 112 Built by @PaintYourDragon @ladyada
  21. An introduction to computer vision with OpenCV for Processing.

    Processing 154 33 Built by @odewahn @atduskgreg
  22. I'm trying to create something with Processing while commuting every day.

    Processing 152 9 Built by @keijiro
  23. Animating scheduled transit trips using the Transitland API and Processing

    Processing 149 34 Built by @willgeary @irees @Danie
  24. These are the supporting materials for my popular series of Tutorials on the Arduino Microcontroller Platform.

    Processing 147 63 Built by @sciguy14
  25. rtl-sdr spectrum analyzer

    Processing 143 31 Built by @dnegrych @pavels @molotof
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