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  1. A WordPress Development Environment With Vagrant/Puppet

    Puppet 754 212 Built by @battlemidget @chadothompson @johnstonian @mschuett @danielgroves
  2. A collection of advanced puppet examples

    Puppet 390 66 Built by @jordansissel @tabletcorry
  3. Install Oracle 11g XE in a Vagrant virtual machine running Ubuntu 12.04

    Puppet 296 121 Built by @hilverd @buckett @cwalker67 @rjdkolb @nblair
  4. Symfony2 Vagrant development setup with Nginx, MySQL,PhpMyAdmin, MongoDb and other handfull tools

    Puppet 268 102 Built by @irmantas @Ph3nol @maqnouch @mfn @nicolas-bastien
  5. Puppet Firewall Module

    Puppet 264 413 Built by @kbarber @hunner @jonnytdevops @underscorgan @tphoney
  6. A puppet module for installing and using RVM (Ruby Version Manager)

    Puppet 261 277 Built by @blt04 @brettporter @heffergm @carlossg @fritz
  7. Vagrant setup for developing Ghost

    Puppet 229 61 Built by @ErisDS @jgable @jaswilli @sebgie @JohnONolan
  8. A Vagrant-based Puppet development environment for creating new modules

    Puppet 225 113 Built by @elasticdog @sp-guillem-anguera @martialblog @phinze @LongLiveCHIEF
  9. A Base project for APIs using the Phalcon framework

    Puppet 216 71 Built by @cmoore4 @Archcry
  10. Sandbox for experimenting with Cockburn's hexagonal ideas with Symfony2

    Puppet 210 33 Built by @MarcelloDuarte @cordoval @michalpipa @tvlooy @liuggio
  11. This puppet module provides numerous security-related configurations, providing all-round base protection.

    Puppet 177 60 Built by @arlimus @mcgege @ehaselwanter @artem-sidorenko @chris-rock
  12. A Vagrant VM based Python Development Bootstrap

    Puppet 175 61 Built by @AnthonyNystrom @mgarabed @koder-ua @Leon0824 @svpernova09
  13. Code for installing various security minded tools onto Vagrant powered virtual machines

    Puppet 165 29 Built by @garethr @mestizo
  14. Wikimedia Foundation operates some of the largest collaborative projects in the world. This is our Puppet repo. This repository is a mirror; see for contributing.

    Puppet 153 61 Built by @markbergsma @ottomata @akosiaris @blblack @lavagetto
  15. Puppet module to manage applications deployments and servers local management

    Puppet 152 91 Built by @alvagante @sathieu @k9ert @MalteJ @joek
  16. WordPress Vagrant boxes for testing PHP 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5

    Puppet 145 21 Built by @tierra
  17. Set up super fast a PHP5 development box with apache, mysql, phpmyadmin and whatever else that you may need

    Puppet 142 75 Built by @brunosapienza @DaGhostman @joaorsalmeida @ryanwalters
  18. Puppet manifest for rbenv installation

    Puppet 142 117 Built by @alup @fgrehm @vjt @intjonathan @lglenn
  19. Base Vagrant box for development of Rails apps

    Puppet 141 47 Built by @amaia @voronoipotato
  20. System configuration for OpenStack Infrastructure

    Puppet 128 102 Built by @cboylan @emonty @fungi @jeblair @rcarrillocruz
  21. Puppet module for Jenkins

    Puppet 125 553 Built by @rtyler
  22. Center for Internet Security Linux Benchmark implementation for PuppetLabs

    Puppet 119 62 Built by @arildjensen @nibalizer @proletaryo @ericsakowski @jorritfolmer
  23. A Vagrant-based Salt development environment for creating new modules

    Puppet 119 30 Built by @elasticdog @leoj3n
  24. A very easy to use golang environment for use with vagrant.

    Puppet 103 51 Built by @dcoxall @sunshinekitty @SteveAzz @maxpaynestory @jcs224
  25. puppet module for gluster

    Puppet 102 52 Built by @purpleidea @Vincent-- @CyrilPeponnet @jackdpeterson @sysadmin1139
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