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  1. Qbsolv,a decomposing solver, finds a minimum value of a large quadratic unconstrained binary optimization (QUBO) problem by splitting it into pieces solved either via a D-Wave system or a classical tabu solver. (Note that qbsolv by default uses its internal classical solver. Access to a D-Wave system must be arranged separately.)

    q 834 191 Built by @adam-douglass @mwbooth @arcondello @bellert @spreinhardt
  2. kdb+ production framework. Read the doc: Join the group!

    q 162 25 Built by @jonnypress @glens-aquaq @ThomasSmyth @cmccracken07 @denismc88
  3. Example data capture system, based on random financial data

    q 44 5 Built by @jonnypress @AndrewShortt @ThomasSmyth @Hanso38 @AllanMoore20
  4. Source files for "Fun Q: A Functional Introduction to Machine Learning in Q"

    q 37 17 Built by @psaris
  5. poetiq - Platform O' Electronic Trading In Q

    q 19 6 Built by @danielkrizian @mortensorensen @jonnypress @cmccracken07 @denismc88
  6. Machine Learning for kdb+/q

    q 18 7 Built by @jlas @ofuica
  7. kdb+ Core Libraries and Utilities

    q 13 2 Built by @jasraj
  8. A simple library for HTTP requests in kdb+/q

    q 12 1 Built by @jonathonmcmurray
  9. q 11 5 Built by @markrooney @matthewmcauley @Darren-McConnell
  10. q code profiler

    q 11 3 Built by @LeslieGoldsmith
  11. General object display with type and structure

    q 9 2 Built by @LeslieGoldsmith
  12. Javadoc inspired documentation generator for kdb+

    q 9 3 Built by @jasraj @FlyingOE
  13. Simple library for websockets in kdb+/q

    q 8 1 Built by @jonathonmcmurray
  14. A framework for a KDB back end to a Slack bot

    q 8 Built by @jonathonmcmurray
  15. Natural Language Processing

    q 6 1 Built by @fionncarr @awilson-kx
  16. KDB Q Cryptography Library

    q 6 1 Built by @asatirahul
  17. q/KDB tutorials for beginners & collection of some intresting problems to try while learning.

    q 5 Built by @aa1024
  18. Collection of q string helper functions

    q 5 1 Built by @aa1024
  19. quick introduction to the Q scripting language for KDB+ databases

    q 4 Built by @samkennerly
  20. This is a q library which enables communication with a running bitcoin core node and wallet, via http json-rpc messages.

    q 4 2 Built by @jlucid
  21. 阴阳师桌面版按键精灵脚本。自娱自乐~

    q 4 Built by @virola
  22. log4q is a concise logger for q/kdb+ applications.

    q 4 3 Built by @prodrive11 @5jt
  23. Collection of datetime helper functions in q

    q 4 Built by @aa1024
  24. Latest source files for the *kdb+taq* package: previously at

    q 4 8 Built by @simongarland @StephenTaylor-Kx @kxcontrib
  25. Code for cheap air quality monitoring station

    q 3 1 Built by @SKolodynski
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